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Single Mothers find here help, advice, tips and resources on financial aid for education, scholarships, grants, loans, information on support with basic necessities, affordable housing, assistance and health care, child care, child support and legal information. Single moms also find parenting advice, tips on how to live on a budget, how to eat and live healthy, relationship and dating advice.A wealth of information is compiled daily to help single moms find the information they need in one central place:
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Recent Post in Financial Aid for Education Section

Jane M. Klausman Women In Business Scholarship

The Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship is awarded annually to single moms pursuing degrees in business administration (undergraduate or master's). The scholarship was established in 1998 through the … Read More »

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Recent Post in Assistance Programs Section

Assistance Programs for Single Moms in Texas – Overview

Single moms can get assistance and grants in all counties and cities across the state of Texas. There are many organizations and charities you can find in Texas that can provide additional assistance with … Read More »

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Recent Post in Living on a Budget Section

Health Uses of Baking Soda

Among the countless ways baking soda is used day to day, here are some health uses.- Use baking soda as a face or body scrub. Offer yourself an invigorating facial or body scrub. Prepare a paste by mixing 3 … Read More »

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Recent Post in Health and Well Being Section

Salt Is Not as Evil as You Thought!

Now it is the salt we are told not to obsess about. Recent studies debunked the dangers of dairy fat to a healthy diet. Now new evidence shows that salt might not be so dangerous as we have been led to … Read More »

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Recent Post in Jobs and Career Section

Tips for Easing the Stress of the Job Interview

Job interviews never get easier. We, as single moms, have a lot to stress about, and a job interview stresses us even more. We do stress over how to prepare for the interview, as well as about the interview … Read More »

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Recent Post in Life as a Single Mom Section


Parenting with the End in Mind…by Design

Parenting is a never-ending voyage of discovery—raising a child teaches us who we really are, reveals our strengths and shortcomings, and challenges us to be our best selves as we struggle to be the people our … Read More »

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Recent Post in Parenting and Kids Section

The Selfish Mother

In recent discussions with my daughters, we've been talking about the expanding  role that mothers play in taking care of the whole family. We discussed the work schedules, and the long, exhausting commutes … Read More »

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Recent Post in Legal Information, Resources Section

Free Florida Legal Advice

Every now and then some of us suffer from legal issues and we sometimes can’t find the resources, answers or help we need. That’s why has come together to provide information about … Read More »

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Recent Post in Dating and Relationships Section

The End of An Era (1)

Break-ups hurt, but, breaking up a family hurts like hell. The minute I mustered up enough courage to actually entertain the idea that my marriage was not going to make it, I was thrown into an immediate … Read More »

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