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Margaret McNamara Scholarship

Margaret McNamara ScholarshipThe Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund(MMMF) was founded in 1981 in memory of Margaret Craig McNamara, who dedicated her life to improving the lives of underserved women and … Read More »

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Mom with Bedtime Stories

Washington Department of Social and Health Services – DSHS Emergency Programs

If you find yourself in an situation such as: eviction, need of food, medical emergency, pregnancy medical care, homelessness, utilities shut off, domestic violence, non-receipt of benefits, need for daycare, … Read More »

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Recent Post in Living on a Budget Section

Saving Money on Your Utility Bills

Summer’s here and though you might be spending less on heating your home and water, you’re likely to make up those costs in air conditioning and the amount of water you use. There are a lot of ways to cut your … Read More »

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Recent Post in Health and Well Being Section

Fighting dry skin

Fighting Dry Skin During Winter

Winters always spells trouble for the skin and the hair. The skin loses moisture during the colder months and this leads to intense dryness and also lays the foundation for wrinkles and fine lines. In some … Read More »

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Recent Post in Jobs and Career Section

Working Mom

From “Stay at Home Mom” to “Working Mom”

Taking a break from work to raise your kids is mostly a viable option for many moms. However, once the situation is back in control and the children can do well without having the mother with them at all given … Read More »

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Recent Post in Life as a Single Mom Section


Lord, Help Me I’m A Single Mother

Lord, Help Me, I'm a Single Mother is a memoir and collection of poetry about a single mother and the struggles she faced. The life of a single mother ever challenging as you must be both a mother and a father. … Read More »

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Recent Post in Parenting and Kids Section

Grateful Thanks

Please forgive me with this article. Usually I like to write uplifting stories that inspire us to be our best, do our best and be grateful for all that we have. Certainly, there is enough sadness in our world … Read More »

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Recent Post in Legal Information, Resources Section

Stop Him From Assaulting You

Stop Him From Assaulting You

It’s a pretty sad commentary on modern society when there are more sexual assault crimes committed against women in the US than are committed against women in places like Afghanistan. Yes, women in those … Read More »

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Recent Post in Dating and Relationships Section

Dating questions for the single mom

Questions That You Need To Ask Him…A.S.A.P.When it comes to dating, there are many deal breakers. Especially when you’re a single mom dating! In a perfect world, you would date someone, fall in love, get … Read More »

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