100 Ways to Make a Grumpy Kid Smile

100 Ways to Make a Grumpy Kid Smile
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As a mother, I know how it feels to see your child’s face light up with joy, glee or contentment. Unfortunately, no kid, no matter how pleasant his disposition, seems to wear that cheerful expression for long. In my book, 100 Ways to make a Grumpy Kid Smile, I provide loads of tips, advice and instructions on how a mom can turn her kid’s grumpy mood off as easily as she would a light switch. This fun, must-have guidebook is broken down into simple, easy-to-follow concepts that every mom will understand and appreciate. These concepts not only amuse; they actually work!

Here’s an excerpt:

1) No smiles allowed:
A little reverse psychology always goes a long way. Tell your grumpy child he is not allowed to laugh or smile under any circumstances. Of course, the result will be a big grin, followed by contagious laughter!

2) Start a scavenger hunt:
Take advantage of your child’s natural curiosity, love of a good mystery and desire to search and find. Hide a few nutritious treats, some juice packs or even a few small pieces of candy around the house. Your child will forget all about being crabby and eagerly go on the hunt.

3) Role reversal:
Tell your child she can be the parent while you play the part of the fussy child. She’ll be absolutely delighted to be the boss for a change. The best part is that now it’s your turn to act grumpy, stomp around and be a big old fusspot. Watch her reaction as she gets a taste of her own irritable medicine!

4) Make up a story together.
The land of make-believe is a second home to a child. Get in on that imaginary fun and suggest that the two of you dream up a tale together. Your kid will be enthralled, and the two of you can make a real and wonderful memory.

5) Superhero quest.
All kids want to be a superhero and save the day. The next time your child is grumpy, toss him a bath towel and demonstrate how to wrap it around your neck for a pair of matching capes. Now, the two of you are ready to save any damsel in distress, any dinosaur about to be attacked by miniature army soldiers or a car parked in your driveway in desperate need of a good cleaning—well, that last one is probably a long shot, but you get the picture.

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Written by Andrea Crisp

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