3 Mistakes Single Moms Make when Starting to Date Again

Date Again MistakesStaying single is not an easy task and if you have kids it can get twice as daunting. Mothers love to see their kids grow and enjoy the time spent with them, but there is also a need for personal TLC from another adult. Going back into the dating world may seem scary. Some mothers may also feel that it would take away from their efficiency as a mom, but these fears are baseless. With just a bit of thought you can plan your dating life as well as be there for your child in every possible way.

There are certain mistakes that are common when single mothers start to date again. These mistakes can hurt your relationship. It is important to know them, so that we can avoid them. Here are three of these mistakes:

  • Rapidly moving to exclusive status – You just got out of a relationship and know for a fact that sometimes things that seem all hunky dory may not actually be that way in the long run. It is important therefore that you take the time to meet other people, and not rush your dating. Since you just got out of an exclusive relationship, it will help to meet a few people before you even begin to decide where you would like to take things more seriously. Also, make sure that the commitment is mutual; your partner must also be prepared to do the same.
  • Taking things fast on the physical front – You might feel the urge to become intimae with the new date, but taking things real fast could end up badly for you. Most single moms presume that the man they are dating will only stick around if they have sex with them, and this is not a good reason to sleep with someone, as it gets you emotionally involved. If things do not work out, you will suffer again. So avoid this situation and take the time to know your date well.
  • Early introduction of kids – Of course you would want your kids to know who you are dating, but this does not mean that you should expose them to every Tom, John and Harry that you go out with. Remember that just like you can be hurt if the relationship does not last, the kids can hurt too. It is best to not bring them onto the scene unless you think that your date is going to play a part in their lives.

If you are able to keep your sense of balance and go back into the dating world in a well planned and thought out way, you will be able to make the most of it.

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