5 Baby Products You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money On

As if kids don’t cost enough, a lot of parents get suckered into buying expensive baby products that they don’t even need. Avoid these 5 items. You’ll save money and raise a better kid without them.

Potty Mitts

Potty Mitts

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Potty Mitts protect your child’s hands when he goes to the bathroom. While it’s understandable that parents want their kids to avoid germs, especially in public restrooms, this product seems like it could encourage OCD.

A Better Solution: Teach your kids how to wash their hands properly: all the way up to the elbow with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. If you see a smudge of poop, keep washing.

Baby Bathtubs

Baby Bathtubs

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Using a baby bathtub doesn’t put your child in danger, but it is an unnecessary expense. Products like the Tummy Tub promise to keep your child warmer during bath time, which might sound like a good thing until you realize that many of these tubs cost between $40 and $60.

A Better Solution: Use your sink. It’s the perfect size for a baby. If you think he’s getting cold, add some warm water! Voila, problem solved for free.

Time Out Pad

Time out Pad

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Putting kids in time out can teach them to control their emotions instead of throwing hissy fits. Items like the Time Out Pad, however, could undermine this process by turning time out into a game. The device has a timer that makes noises to tell the kid when she can come out of the corner. Kids love things that make noises. How is that a punishment?

A Better Solution: A chair in the corner. If you need something to keep an eye on the time for you, use a timer. You can pick one up for a couple bucks at any grocery or home supply store.

Baby Alarms

Baby Alarms

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You want to protect your kids, but you don’t need to spend money on an alarm system designed specifically for tots. Baby-themed video cameras, microphones, and alarms often cost a lot of money, but they offer limited functions that leave the rest of your family unprotected.

A Better Solution: Get a home security system that protects your whole family. You’ll save money by avoiding baby-oriented designs and you’ll get more out of the system.

Safety Helmets

Safety Helmets

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Yes, kids run into things. They must bonk their heads at least 100 times a day. You can’t say you haven’t thought about strapping on a helmet to protect their developing brains. After about 10 seconds of thought, though, you should realize that it’s ridiculous for your kid to wear a helmet on a daily basis. Riding a bike? Put on a helmet. Roughhousing in the living room? No, you don’t wear helmets in the house.

A Better Solution: First off, realize that a few bumps won’t permanently damage your child. That’s how she learns to avoid banging her head against things. Pain is a powerful teacher. Plus, you can make your house safer by getting rid of furniture with sharp edges.

What other ridiculous baby products have you seen people use?

Written by Yazmin Gray

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