5 Simple Steps for Single Mom’s to Go From Mess to Success

Steps to go From Mess to SuccessWhat is Self Care? It alike this buzz word that is everywhere lately.  Self Care is usually looked at as manicures and pedicures and let’s get real we are single mothers-weekly mani, pedis is as usual as a swimming in the middle of winter.  As single moms it is even more important that we amp up our self care to preserve our body, mind and spirit, prioritize what is important and get rid of the nagging, gnawing  guilt that plagues many of us.  So it is time to re-evaluate our lives and proclaim a redo! Every day we can start over and here are 5 ways to begin!

1. Create and Implement Boundaries:
Know what you can and can’t do, don’t stretch yourself too thin and start to say NO!

2. Protect yourself from energy vampires:
These are people who just deplete you . You can identify them because when you leave them or get off the phone you are tired and exhausted. You have been energy sucked my friend. Limit time with these people and reevaluate some of these relationships. Do they help you to grow and add to your life or are they draining you and taking away your joy?

3. Reevaluate your food:
Start to make different decisions based on your everyday menu. Awareness is key, which is why food journaling works so well. Most of us don’t even realize how much we’re eating or how many poor food choices were making in a day. Start to journal your food just for a week to become more mindful about your daily intake and then start to make healthy swaps. If you need food suggestions feel free to email me.

4. Delegate:
This is so important if you want to live a life you love. You cannot do everything yourself, trust me I have tried. Everyone needs support EVERYONE. Start to take inventory of where you need the most help. Are you spending most of your time organizing and cleaning? Look into a professional organizer or hiring a cleaning company to come 2x a month. I know your limiting beliefs kicked in just then just reading that ” I can’t afford that” but just imagine how much time you will free up, stress reduced, and have a better quality of life. Maybe you can use the time to exercise or do yoga, maybe you can send more time working and make more money, or take nap, catch up on sleep.  I bet you will get unstuck and get into the flow of life with ease and fast!

5. Quiet Time Alone:
In the business of life most of s rarely get tie alone and rarely quiet. Quiet time spent alone is a great way to reset and recharge. Turning off aloof the white noise, buzzing of phones, humming of computers and just being in silence is an easy and inexpensive way to recharge, refill, and rejuvenate.

It is my hope that you can start to implement even one of these steps allowing it to reduce your stress and begin to shift your life into more of what you want it to be. You are the creator and director in your life so start creating!

Written by Danielle Marggraf

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