A Victim No More

I wonder how many mother’s caught the latest Life-class with Oprah and guests? It’s always a positive to see programs and discussions empowering women, everywhere. In particular all the single mom’s out there. I was struck by the numbers of mom’s who felt so victimized. My heart always goes out to those who are struggling, challenging themselves everyday, to make the right choices and do the right thing. Even if it’s unpleasant and repetitive, and feels “thank-less.”

I believe, that mother’s have the greatest role on earth, the greatest power to influence the soul, and minds of our children, and the greatest love of all.

As I was watching the program, I couldn’t help but notice all the sad expressions on those mothers faces. If you are sad because money is tight, I get that. If you are sad because it hurts there aren’t enough groceries in your fridge, I get that. If you are sad because you can’t do more fun things, and go more fun places, and buy more fun clothes, I get that too. However, we mothers also need to celebrate what is great in our lives, that might not seem easy, but you have to look past the struggles and see yourself, in your child.

Hope is what makes things happen. Hope gives people the opportunity to change their outlook on life. Hope brings endless possibilities to everyone’s life. Push back the despair you feel, dig deep and find the joy of being a woman, a mother, a leader, and a beacon of light and Hope for your own children. Show them, no matter what, YOU believe in yourself, and aspire for greatness.

I know you have been left with the sole responsibilities of parenting, the bills, the decision maker, the book-keeper, the taxi driver, and many more hats to wear. You have also been given a gift to show your children how to strive for better, how to reach for greatness, how to love who you are. Perhaps the adult relationship in your life has failed, but the mother in you, the woman you are, doesn’t have to. Don’t let others make you a victim, you are doing this awesome job, you are bright, creative, strong and determined. You know what makes a great kid? Love and Guidance. It’s a gift that comes from you, the parent, and the heart of your children’s lives. Pass the torch to your daughters, and sons, teach them the ways in life to be compassionate and courageous. Do what’s right, and don’t let anyone make you feel less than wonderful.

Mother’s are truly inspiring. Stop feeling guilty, and be proud of all you do and celebrate your life. Today I want you to tell yourself, “I may feel broken, but it’s nothing that I can’t fix.”
Don’t be a victim anymore, be amazing!

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