Are You a Senior? Ask For a Discount (chs. 4-6)

Ask For a DiscountMany vetʼs offices will have a seniorʼs discount.

Sometimes this discount is not advertised. In our office we will happily give a 10% discount to seniors but only if it is asked for. Many of the seniors in our practice are quite well off and are less in need of a discount than others. However, if someone asks me I will usually discount most services (other than food) by 10%.

Offer to Barter

A vetʼs office is a business that requires a lot of services. In many cases your vet may be willing to barter in exchange for veterinary services. Here are some things that you can barter with if you have the skills:
• website design
• landscaping or yardwork
• snow removal
• you can offer to make flyers and hand deliver them
• you can offer to do deliveries of pet food and supplies from the vet clinic to their clients
• handyman skills
• window decorating/painting (i.e. for holidays)
• setting up Christmas displays and lights
• cleaning. (The clinic usually has staff to clean but you can still offer your services)
• courier service. You may be able to deliver packages or lab samples for less expensive than a regular courier.

Know How to Phone Around for Prices

Are you looking for a vet who is not too expensive?

The vast majority of people who are price shopping will ask the receptionist how much it costs for vaccines or for a spay.

Vets know that these are “shoppable items”. Some vet clinics have very comparable prices for vaccines and routine surgeries but then the rest of their prices are a lot more expensive.

Here is what I would suggest when you phone around:

“Hi there…I am new to the area and I am trying to find a vet clinic that is reasonably priced. Could you tell me your prices for the following things:

  • a dental cleaning for an animal with a mild amount of tartar and no extractions?
  • an injection of anti-inflammatory such as metacam?
  • a general wellness blood profile?
  • expression of my dogʼs anal glands?”

This should give you a good idea of the prices. Remember though, donʼt choose a clinic just because they are the lowest price! Talking to the receptionist will give you an idea of how friendly the clinic is. If she sounds stressed and rushed then
there is a good chance that the clinic is too busy and that all of the staff will be stressed. If the receptionist sounds friendly and is enjoying talking to you then there is a good chance that you will like the clinic.

Article by Dr. Marie

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