Are You Getting Sick?

Getting SickAs single mothers we tend to put the children’s health before ours. While everyone else seems to get some rest for their jobs, there is never an off day for a single mom. Needless to say, this often translates to our accumulation of stress, fatigue, which makes us susceptible to serious illnesses. Unfortunately, we tend to ignore the early signs that indicate that we may be getting an illness.

Below are some signs and symptoms that indicate that your health state is degrading, and that there is something amiss with your body:

  • Fatigue – In case you find that you tire out very soon and despite good sleep are greatly fatigued right through the day, it may be time to go see a doctor. The body tends to use fatigue and tiredness as the first sign to warn that it is not being able to cope with the stress. Now if you body is fatigued without much outside stress in that case there is bound to be something inside the body that is making it wear and low on stamina. Right from burning eyes to lack of stamina to even body ache and lowered concentration powers, it all indicates fatigue.
  • Fever – Another clear sign that you are heading towards some ailment is re-occurring fever or constant low grade fever. In both these cases the body is trying to send out a signal that there is something amiss and needs looking into. Fever that refuses to go away is definitely a sign of bigger problems. If low fever persists for more than a week, it is important that you go and see a doctor.
  • Unexplained weight fluctuations – Another hue indicator that there is something to worry about on the health front is unexplained weight gain or loss. In case you are losing more a few pounds of weight a month without efforts in this area, it is definitely a symptom of some serious health issue. Similarly sudden weight gain despite diet control and exercise is also a sign that you have a problem on your hands.
  • Cosmetic issues – Hair fall, brittle nails, darkening skin, baggy eyes, and dryness, all these may seem just superficial cosmetic problems but actually are indicators of underlying problems. All of these problems are simply the body’s way to showing you that something is amiss.

Sudden bouts of pain or dizziness and even digestive issues are also indicators of the deteriorating health. While these are just a few signs that may indicate illness, there are several more and in some cases there may be no overt warning signs. It is therefore important that we schedule a yearly check up with the doctor where we undergo all the necessary tests that ensure us of our good health. In case a problem shows up on these tests, we must proceed with all the necessary precautions, medications and investigations told to us by the physician.

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