Assistance for Single Moms in Arkansas

Single moms can get assistance is in all cities throughout the state of Arkansas, including both Little Rock and Fort Smith. Help for paying utilities bills, rent assistance, health care and medical bills, food, and other financial aid are the type of resources made available to single moms.

Food Assistance Programs and Banks in Arkansas
Free food and groceries are offered by different organizations across the state. Pantries, food banks, and a number of other non-profits and charities are included among them. Call 501-682-6003 for the Arkansas Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Emergency Food Assistance Program
Surplus groceries and food are made available to low income households by the Emergency Food Assistance Program. This assistance is not intended to serve as a household’s sole or main food source but rather to supplement other resources. 501-371-1400

The Arkansas Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Through this program limited income families and single moms can receive, in order to achieve good health, the food and nutrition they need. To buy food and groceries Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits can be used instead of cash. In order to buy enough food for a month, people usually must spend some cash that goes along with their grant and voucher benefits. 501-682-1001

Short-term Housing Programs
Transitional homes and apartments or emergency shelters are some of the options included. Non-profits are the ones offering these housing resources to those families and single moms in Arkansas that have been evicted or currently homeless.

Foreclosure Prevention and Mortgage Assistance
Foreclosure help is offered to single moms in the state of Arkansas by the numerous non-profit, HUD approved agencies, which were certified by the federal government. Call (800) 569-4287 which is the HUD’s interactive voice system that can help you housing counseling agency near you.

Cash Assistance and Social Services
For low income families, single moms, senior citizens, and the disabled, financial help and resources are prioritized across the state and made available through the several government and public aid programs.

Non-Profit Debt Reduction and Credit Services
Providing homeowners help on their home loans while also offering consumers a number of credit card and debt assistance programs, several national and local agencies operate throughout the state. Call 800-889-4916 to contact the Credit Counseling of Arkansas assistance program.

Emergency Financial Assistance
The Salvation Army, the nation’s leading charity can help lower income single mothers gain access to financial aid programs as well as other resources across the state. Free food, rental assistance, money for utilities, holiday meals and gifts, are some examples of the aid that is being offered by this program.

Arkansas Health Care Access Foundation, Inc.
If you are a lower income, medically uninsured Arkansas resident who can’t pay their medical bills this is the ideal medical assistance program. Arkansas dentists, doctors, cooperating hospitals, pharmacies, and home health agencies all volunteer or donate their products and services to those in need. 800-950-8233

ARKids First
With the ability to help single mothers and children in need of health insurance with medical expenses this healthcare program aims to do just that. There are two levels of this program:
• ARKids A (which is essentially Medicaid)
• ARKids B (which is destined for families that have to high an income to benefit from Medicaid but still cannot afford health insurance for their children) 888-474-8275

Arkansas Community Clinics and Medical Centers
High quality medical care is offered by community clinics to all people who request it regardless of their income level. Prescriptions, medication, check ups, and more forms of help are offered.
Free dental clinics represent another option for those who need help in the state of Arkansas.
Government sponsored and non-profit programs are what single moms that have no health insurance should be seeking. For low income, uninsured families, several resources are made available, such as medications, health screening, check ups, and other basic medical care.

Child Care Subsidies
For low income parents that are working or in school, the Department of Human Services runs this specific program. You will be able to pay for a portion of your day and child care expenses with federal and state of Arkansas funds. You may contact the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education at 800-322-8176 and an application for Child Care Assistance will be mailed to you.

Employment, Education, Cash Grants and Self-Sufficiency
Non-profit community action agencies provide government grants for basic needs. Additionally, self-sufficiency type resources such as education assistance and employment are also being offered.
Workforce Centers in Arkansas can help single moms find a new job or gain skills, especially if you are a resident who is looking for a career change or looking to learn a new skill.

Transitional Employment Assistance (TEA)
With the aim to help families with children under the age of 18 become more independent and responsible for the support of their families, this program was created, offering job training, grants, help with finding employment, including work from home jobs. 800-482-8988

Free Legal Aid in Arkansas from Non-Profits
You can get free legal aid and support for family issues, housing, debt and foreclosure filings, and other issued from a few different firms that offer their help to state residents and single moms so that they may be able to deal with civil legal matters. 800-967-9224 to contact Legal Aid of Arkansas (LAA) a non-profit organization that provides free legal services.

Energy Bill Help
Grants, financial assistance, weatherization, energy conservation programs and other forms of help with utility bills for the low income are being offered by several different statewide assistance programs. Call 800-482-8988 to find out more about the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

Needy single moms in Arkansas have numerous assistance programs available to help them and their children.

State Education Grants for Single Moms

State Education Grants for Single Moms

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