Around the House

It's tough to run a household, do errands and look after children on a daily basis.

Around the House brings to you a wealth of information, tips, advice on how to save time in the kitchen, and around the house. Learn how natural, day to day substances are a better, learn tricks on how to save time cleaning, how to save on household and personal care items, how to host parties for your kids on a budget, pros and cons of keeping a pet, and much more.

In the end, if we could only get our kids to wash the dishes every day and our friends and relatives to stop setting up blind dates, then we REALLY would have more time and less frustration!

Pros and Cons of Keeping a Pet


There is no denying the fact that a pet does bring out feelings of joy in most of us. While some people prefer to keep dogs as pets, others may swing more towards cats and still others would prefer birds. Right from fish to turtles to even snakes, people have been known to keep them all as pets. ... Read More »

Great Uses of Baking Soda

Baking soda is a chemical that looks like a fine powder. It creates bubbles of carbon dioxide when it comes in contact with an acid. It’s most commonly used in baking, where it acts as a leavening agent, but it has so many other uses aside from making bread fluffy and soft. We will show you today ... Read More »

Home Uses of Essential Oils

Essential oils extracted from plants can be used at home to kill/remove mold and bacteria. These oils are really strong, so use sparingly: one drop of peppermint oil is as strong as 30 cups of peppermint tea. You can find essential oils at health-food stores. Essential oils can be used ... Read More »

A Miracle Called Vinegar!

Vinegar - a miracle indeed. This acidic liquid can remove soap build up, wipe out tarnish, remove mineral deposits, and so much more. Among natural cleaners, it is by far one of the best, aside from very low cost! Distilled white vinegar provides an environment that prevents the growth of mildew, ... Read More »

Clean Home, Happy Home

Clean Home, Happy Home

Tips to Keep Your House Clean Just when you thought your child left yet another stuffed animal in the living room, you realized it was a huge dust bunny! Overwhelmed by the clutter and dust bunnies invading your home? You are not alone. The average single mother only has 2 hours in the day to ... Read More »