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  1. Karen Castillo says

    Dear Veronica,

    I’ve been separated for 4 years now and a mother of one baby boy, aged 7. I never had a real boyfriend since then though I had a virtual boyfriend who died a year ago and now a boyfriend over the phone for a year. He is an only child. His parents are in Canada. And they are wealthy. They have a lot of houses here in the country and some businesses where he helped his parents to look over. He works in a government. He calls me everyday. Talk for two to four hours a day sometimes during the night. Stories and all. We talk a lot about our future. Our future plans, kids and family. He doesn’t want to meet me outside for a date, instead, he wants to come to my home to meet me and my family..The problem is whenever he said he will come to meet me and my family he fails to come for so many reasons… He will suddenly be busy, he got sick he went there.. etc. etc.. He seem serious and sincere when we talk but I was just thinking why he always comes up with reasons everytime he plans to come. He never asked for anything from me.. we never had sex over the phone. Never. He is a decent man.. but what is wrong? Is he really serious? Do I still need to stick with him? Need an advice. Thank you…


  2. Cheryl says

    Hi Veronica the question I want to ask . I am a middle age single mom of a 24 year old mentally challege young man. And it so hard coping with this problem. He is able to do things on his own, but he can’t live by himself and he talk back and will not take his med. I need a program for him to go off on weekend to be around other peers. And I pray he starts back going to church.

  3. Marlene Dillon says

    Dear Veronica,

    I am a single mom who needs help. I have self-published an empowering book that promotes healthy self-esteem. Do you know of any charities or individual philanthropists who possibly be interested in supporting my efforts? Do you have any idea where I can find someone like that?

  4. roma says

    hi my name is Roma. I’m the single mother of a two year old boy. I own a small hair salon in Port Orford Oregon, I’m drowning in debt and having trouble staying afloat I have student loans that I cant pay and am just trying to make a better life for my son then I had. the question is with all this looming over me I would like to be able to buy a building to work in I recently had to start taking my son to daycare (due to my landlord) and can not afford it at all I was wondering if you knew steps I could take to make this happen? where should I even start its all so overwhelming!!!! please help

  5. shanna walker says

    hi my name is Shanna Walker. I have 3 wonderful children into which one of them is disable. I am in a terrible situation at this time , I do have a roof over my head @ this moment but at the end of the month on july 31 2013 I will be forced to move out of my apt because the building is forclousre. my son recievces ssi and kso does my daughter . I donnot get any section8 or public housing for any assistance.. I need your help if possible you can contact me on my cell phone at 219-292-6919 again my name is Shanna Walker.
    please help me I don’t know of any housing in Chicago il

  6. Tammy says

    My name is Tammy and I am a single mother of four. I was working full time and able to pay my rent and my bills and entertain my children until March 26, 2012 when my sisters husband molested my four yr old and my ten yr old daughters. Since then I am not able to leave them in a daycare or any other person without my four yr old having anxiety. she doesnt leave my side and if she cant see me at all times she begins to cry. i had to stop working and only get 540.00 a month on Calworks assistance. my rent has not been paid since April and we are being evicted. My children and i have no where to go and I do not know what to do. Are there any programs that you know of that can help me with my situation? i am becoming depressed because I can no longer provide for my children without putting my four year old in fear of her safety. I have spoken to a counselor and they are getting her into counseling but my fear is we are about to be homeless.

  7. lisa says

    Hi, I am a single mother of one. just moved in with my mother. I am a professional worker. My salary ranges from 25,000.00-30,000.00 yearly. That’s working part time. going back 2 school this fall. How do I find another single mother to share a home or big apartment?

  8. Alyssa says

    My soon to be ex-husband is getting out of the army in October and has not played an active role in our son’s life. He was there for the first 2 months where he played with our son, but would not wake up at night to help, wouldn’t help bath or change diapers, than he deployed for a year to Afghanistan. He came back from Afghanistan and was very emotionally and mentally abusive as he was throughout the deployment making accusations of me cheating all the time which made me drop out of college and quit my job to make him stop. He told me he would only live with me if I gave him sex and he did not want to go to marriage counseling when I offered, so he left to Alaska where he is stationed and me and our son stayed in Minnesota. I allowed my son to go to Alaska for a month with my sister in law to see his father when my ex returned from Afghanistan. That was june 2012 and my ex has not seen his son since and does not ask me about his son or anything, but according to his mom he asks about him to her, but not to me becasuse he still thinks I am cheating. Last month I filed for divorce because I found out from my mother in law that he had a girlfriend for 6 months and she was living with him and he had gotten her pregnant. His girlfriend left him and now my ex wants me back and I said no. He wants 50/50 custody of our son which isn’t going to happen because my son does not know his dad. What is a reasonable schedule to slowly get my ex to get bonded and get to know his son again without it being too stressful on our 2.5 year old son? In the divorce I filed sole physical due to the fact he’s been in my care since he was born and sole legal due to the fact that my ex husband has got a lot of issues being, lying, emotional abuse and recently suicidal. Thank you for any advice!

  9. lisbette burgos says

    I dont know what to do, im deperate, I have 2 kids one wich has severe disabitilty ,and no family or close friends that will help me, I dont really tell people what im goin tru but its bad,I DONT KNOW where to go to get help,my gas is shut off,my electric is about to be shut off also beacause my son’s medical certificate expired and I afraid to ask then to give me a new one beacause this is the 3 time I ask for one and im also imbarrace of my situation,I have hardly any food at home and my kids dont really have any shoes or clotles,we hardly have the basic, sheets, pillow,curtains, furtniture ect,I dont even have a working sink,but I have a job that pay me enogh to no qualify for nothing, so i get an $800 bi week that i use to pay as much as I can but it dont really cover much for me to get out of the finacial mess im in,i feel like such a failre, IM BEHING in every single bill,I OWE,SCHOOL TAXES AND PROPERY TAXES DUE BY THE END OF THIS MONTH SO I will have to use my next pay checks for that but than again I wont be able to pay my utilities and im goin to keep getting deeper and deeper in this mess,I FEEL so bad with my kids

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