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  1. Si says

    Im currently living with family and theyre acting like they dont want me nor my 2 kids here and I have nowhere to g. What do I do

  2. Dawn Moore says

    Hi my name is Dawn I am the single mom of 4 boys I have been checking out your web site as well as a few others to find some Dep and rent assistant near Fredericksburg, Va. We currently live in a my sister 4 bedroom house with 11 people and a trailer has became available which they said I could get with a Sec Dep of $500 as well as first month rent of $725 I do not have this up front as right now but don’t want to lose this oppurtunity as I find it affordable. If you could possibly direct me to some resources I have probably retried all the ones around here but maybe you have some I did not come across. Thanks, Dawn

  3. Laura says

    Hi Veronica
    My daughter and her 4 children moved in with me one year and five months ago. My daughter is working a part time job as a security guard that won’t give her any more hours and Human Services has cut her cash because of some lifelong assistance limit. She has no other income. I can’t afford to keep providing for them because I am retired and receiving a check every month that is barely enough for me. My daughter gets food assistance every month and that runs out before the month is up and I end up buying food and not having any money left for myself. She needs a place to stay for her and her children. Her Utility bill was very high when she left the place that she was at and thaw won’t give her help unless she had 2-3 thousands dollars to pay towards the bill. She was going to school before her daughter was killed in 2010 and she won’t return. I don’t know why. Truly help is needed. Her oldest daughter is in her senior year of High School.

  4. andrea says

    hi veronica, im 26 single with three children in a homeless shelter program for women and children that ends in two months. with that said i cant find a job that dont mind me not being able to work on weekends and nights. i dont drink, dont do drugs and never have. and tired of all the disappointments.

  5. Jennifer Collins says

    Hi Veronica, I am a single mom of two boys. One is entering 10th grade and the younger one will be entering 9th grade. Unfortunately the public school system in our city is below par and the actual public school in which my kids would have to attend because of the district we live in is horrible. Everyone in my community sends their children to private or parochial school. So I did the same. Last year was my oldest sons first year at a Catholic High School and he loved it! He did extremely well. He was enrolled in 2 honors classes, completed both his required language credits that year and finished the year off with a 3.7 GPA! Both my boys are good students and very dedicated to school. They have had perfect attendance records and no tardiness. So now this coming year I will have two boys enrolled in this school (God willing) and my loan payments are way beyond anything I can pay. The only assistance I am aware of is TADS which I have applied for but am still awaiting determination. I was told by the school that this year they have more applicants then ever before and funding is tighter than ever before, so that option is not looking so good. And time is running out. I guess I am hoping for a miracle. I have searched everywhere for any other type of assistance for their education but there seems to be nothing out there for high school students, or even high school students of single moms. Do you know of any options out there? Grants, scholarships, anything? I have drafted a letter asking for donations from private donors but I don’t even know who to send the letter to. I have never been in this situation before and can use any advice you have to offer. Thank you.

  6. Kimberly says

    Hi Veronica my name is Kim i have alot going on in my life right now.I cant find a full time job anywhere. I am a single mom with a job that i work three days a week,i have two daughters to support we manage.I want to mive in my own place but i cant find anything low income that i can afford.Im also in a relationship we live together but im not in love with him anymore i really want to leave him but with the money i make cant afford to move.Do u know of any low income programs ,or housing with no 2-5 year list.Thanks

  7. Tiff says

    I am looking for help on getting my son and I out of our current living situation. I mean it is not bad, but Its not were a child should be raised up in. I am currently unemployed and am looking for a job. How do I get housing help!

  8. Jovan Denny says

    Hello iam a CEO of a Car Club.. i was wondering is it possible if my Car Club can do a coat drive for the single/homeless single women in need for the winter

  9. Nanette Merson-Hidalgo says

    Hello Veronica,
    I don’t even know where to start but here goes nothing. I am a 45 year old mom of two young kids age 7 and 4. I have been a stay-at-home mom for the past 8 years. Had a happy, safe, exciting life up until a couple of months ago. My husband committed adultery and one day just picked up and left leaving us behind with no money for rent, utilities, food gas and also 5 pets to feed! He never again answered phone calls or txts or anything. Not even desperate calls from my kids who don’t know what happened and miss daddy and wonder when is he coming back! His parents where helping us with bills for the past 5 years until he ‘found’ a job – hoping his “invention” would take off. I reached out to them and for some reason all of a sudden they run out of money and are very sorry for my situation but are not able to help any more. They have totally abandoned us and never checked to see how I am feeding the kids or taking care of our needs. They are trying to get him out of Orlando to New Mexico to where they live to sign him up on a drug rehab program. So he’ll disappear for ever and now he is the victim.
    The lease on the house we are living in is up on August 31 and they where very clear about not paying for it anymore and to make arrangements quick for leaving the house. They also stated that they want the car they let me use and also will be taking me out of the cell phone family plan!!!
    This whole thing happens in the middle of summer where the kids are with me all day and cannot look or even start a job until they start school since i don’t have a place to leave them. But if I end up in a shelter I’ll have to take them out of the area schools too.
    I don’t have any family in the US. They are all in Ecuador and cannot even get back to them because I don’t have my boy’s passport or even his permission to leave the country. And of course the money for the tickets.
    Can’t get any big help from them since he hacked my mom’s saving account and cashed her SS check as well as my brother’s. Mom cannot come to help but for now since her husband is in ICU! I know! Stars are not aligned it seems.
    I can’t find anything to rent since I don’t have an income and also found out my credit score is horrible due to the foreclosure we had last year and he withheld all envelopes to my name. Found out about it only couple of weeks before we got evicted!
    I am about to loose it. I promised my kids we’ll be ok but I’m afraid every night I will not be able to do it and fail them.
    If you have any hope for me please let me know. Who else can I call although turned down by most already. I don’t want to get sick from stress.. nor can I afford to do it.
    Thank you for your time and I’m sorry this is so long and complicated. More like a Mexican soap-opera if you ask me. I’m not even Mexican!!
    Thank you for this opportunity to.. vent at least.
    Hope to hear from you soon. best regards,

    • Mary says

      Hi Nani,

      First off, HANG IN THERE!

      Have you tried public assistance? They can help you find a place and help you with bills and groceries.
      There are also programs that vary by state that will help get money from a dead beat dad….might be worth a shot.

      Best of luck!!

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