Assurance Wireless Lifeline Program

Free Phone ProgramAssurance Wireless is a Lifeline Assistance program brought to you by Virgin Mobile and supported by the federal Universal Service Fund.

Low-income families that qualify for food stamps, Medicaid, or some state-funded programs can apply to get wireless phone services from Sprint through the Universal Service Fund, a federal taxpayer funded program that for the most part subsidizes phone services in rural areas.

If you qualify for Lifeline Assistance, you can receive a FREE phone, 250 FREE monthly minutes and 250 FREE text messages.

Check Availability for your area
If you don’t see your state, that means Assurance Wireless service is not currently available in your area. But check back soon, as we are working hard to expand.

Free Phone, 250 free minutes & 250 free texts each month

Additional Choices:

  • UNLIMITED Talk, Text, and Web: Add $30 each month; Get unlimited free minutes & unlimited free texts and unlimited web each month
  • 1000 Minutes and 1000 Texts: Add $20 each month; Get 250 Free Minutes & 250 Free Texts + 750 Minutes & 750 Texts
  • 500 Minutes and 500 Texts: Add $5 each month; Get 250 Free Minutes & 250 Free Texts + 250 Minutes & 250 Texts

Offer limited to eligible customers (varies by state) residing in selected geographic areas and is non-transferable. Assurance Wireless is brought to you by Virgin Mobile USA and is a Lifeline Assistance program supported by the federal Universal Service Fund program. One Lifeline Assistance phone line per household.

Program Benefit

  • Free phone and 250 free voice minutes added automatically
  • No annual contract (no bills, activation fees)
  • Nationwide Sprint Network Coverage
  • Voicemail account, Call Eaiting, Caller ID included
  • 911 access
  • Calls to Customer Care are free

How to Apply

By Phone: 1-888-898-4888 to request an application
By Mail or Fax:
Go to Application, select your state, fill out the request, print and fax or mail.
See a sample application
Read the Frequently Asked Questions

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