Be The Caterpillar… Not the Butterfly

CaterpillarTaking a walk around my daughters backyard the other day I couldn’t help noticing all the caterpillars on a passion fruit vine. As I was holding my two and a half year old grand-daughter she said, “Gramma, that’s a “yugly” bug. I put her down and told her, “I think there’s a book inside, that will show you what happens to that “yugly” bug.”

As I read her the story of “The Hungry caterpillar” I suddenly realized, we all want to be the butterfly. That beautiful, glamorous and graceful creature that gets noticed every time. Of course I couldn’t help but wonder how many of you, like the simple caterpillar gets the short end of the stick. If it wasn’t for all the search for food, eating to double it’s size, the hard work, spinning it’s silk thread for the chrysalis so the butterfly will have a safe, warm cocoon to live, or those butterflies wouldn’t exist. So, let’s celebrate just for a moment, the boring life of the plain old caterpillar.

Okay, now that we understand it’s role, I want all of you great mother’s out there to know this: Your hard work, of feeding your family, and working everyday to struggle to pay bills, providing for a roof over your family’s head, and dealing with so many difficulties, everyday, makes you a super caterpillar too. Everyone wants to be the Butterfly, it’s prettier. But all the hard work was done by the caterpillar. Some days it’s important to remember, the showy people and the glitz and the flash isn’t all that great. It’s just a look, and not the real thing. Teach your kids to be the worker in life, who is proud to make things happen. The building blocks that create the beauty of imagination and dreams.

The look and awe of a butterfly is something we all admire. The hard work in life though, is what sustains us, keeps us growing and brings about changes. You can morph into anything you dare to dream. Spread your wings and find your own version of the silk thread in life that can help you change what needs changing. Don’t wait for someone else to make you feel special, you have the power to do this, for yourself, deep within your soul.

You are great women, and great mothers, now help your children find their greatness too.

Article by Laurie Cesario-Overton

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