Best Exercise Options for Feeding Moms

YogaMost new moms should go back to an exercise routine as soon as their doctor permits them to do so. However, when it comes to feeding moms there are a few issues that may interfere with exercising. It is a fact that the milk tends to turn bitter after exercising and stays that way for about half an hour. While exercising the breasts may begin to leak milk which can get to be a problem too. However, this does not mean the breastfeeding mothers cannot exercise.

Below are some great exercise options for feeding mothers that will help them burn calories of the extra food that they need to eat while they are feeding.

  • Yoga – This Indian exercise system offers various types of asana that work very well for feeing mothers. Yoga helps to not only exercise the body but also calm the mind and this is very helpful for feeding moms. Since the body postures and stretching form the basis of this exercise system the new mother does not get exposed to the risk of injury or bleeding. With no physical jerks shocks to the system, the breasts also stay in place and do not leak. A Yoga session is usually ended with about 15 minutes of a cool down routine that helps the milk to also loose its bitterness to a large extend.
  • Walking – Another great exercise for feeding mothers is walking. A 45 minute to 1 hour walk will help to give these ladies a good cardio level without pushing their bodies too much. Again here since the movement of the walk is not too jerky, the breasts rarely leak while walking and wearing simple breast pads will keep things in control. Since one need not wear a sports bra while walking milk leaks are not too strong and this works in the favor of feeding moms.
  • Light weight training – Another good exercise for feeding moms is to opt for light weight exercise plans. These plans keep the weights very light and the repetition high, which helps to cut fat without developing a very high muscle mass. This is great form of exercise for feeding moms and again prevents pressure on the breasts so milk leaks are fewer and also does not affect the milk production levels.

Feeding moms will do very well to pump or feed the baby right before they begin to exercise. This will help to keep the milk leaks to a bare minimum and also ensure that you can take a 30 minute break after the exercise is over before needing to feed the baby again. It is also very important to replace fluids in your body while you exercise since milk production also uses up your body’s fluids. So drink a fair amount of water right through the work out and even after to ensure that your milk production is not effected by your exercise plan. So keep these tips in mind and you will be able to maintain a hassle free exercise routine even when you are feeding.

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