Bleach – the Poison We All Keep

BleachBleach is basically a chemical agent that is often used to lighten color via the process of oxidation. In most of our homes the bleach comes in via products like washing powder, cleaners, and so forth. It is considered a very effective cleaning substance, and it is an active ingredient of almost all cleaning agents. While it is true that bleach does help make our whitening task easier, it is at the end of the day a chemical that comes with its side effects and some of these side effects are very dangerous.

Below is a list of some of the problems that may occur due to exposure to bleach –

  • Dioxin – Bleach usage means production of dioxin and right from damaging the environment to even increasing the risk of cancer, dioxin is responsible for it all. Birth defects and developmental disorders have also been trace back to dioxin exposure. However, we all continue to bleach our faces and use bleach based detergents and other products during our gestational period as well as otherwise. Do take time to ensure that your home is free of dioxin when you are carrying a baby or have an infant at home since these are the times when the dioxin can attack the most.
  • Fumes – Bleach is known to release certain fumes, which if inhaled can cause a sore throat, result in severe coughing and even result in fluid in the lungs. Needless to say, these fumes are extremely dangerous and can be fatal for those suffering from lung disorders like asthma, etc. Once again we continue to use bleach based products without even realizing that its fumes could actually be that dangerous.
  • Chlorine gas – A very important thing to know about bleach is that when mixed with an acid product it releases chlorine gas. Now since in many cases we do use acid based products in the house, one could be in trouble without even knowing it. Using bleach to clean the tub and mixing it with a regular acid based tub cleaner will result in release of chlorine gas and sadly it could turn fatal within minutes.
  • Consumption – In case bleach is consumed accidentally, it will result in severe nausea, abdominal pain and also burn the stomach lining extensively. In fact if you find that you have consumed bleach, it is important to rush to the emergency to ensure that your have not caused some serious damage. Exposure of the eyes or even nasal passage will result in severe burning that may last for hours on end and could even result in boils.

Bleach is in no way a safe chemical to be kept in the house and should definitely not be bought home in large quantities. It is extremely unsafe and in a home that has kids, it is a potential danger. A small mishap elating to bleach can result in serious injury and the risk is just not worth the advantages. Using other safer cleaner and whiteners is much better since they are safer and come with lesser side effects if any.

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