Books For Single Moms

Single mothers carry an enormous load of responsibility, especially those having sole and/or primary custody of minor children.

They nourish, they nurture, they teach, they discipline, they shelter, they protect, and they provide… all without the assistance of another equally-invested adult.

There are numerous books written for, written by or dedicated to single mothers. Here you can read about many of these books, get information on them and see which find interesting. Some of these books are also offered in the giveaway section.

Lord, Help Me I’m A Single Mother


Lord, Help Me, I'm a Single Mother is a memoir and collection of poetry about a single mother and the struggles she faced. The life of a single mother ever challenging as you must be both a mother and a father. It is nearly impossible to imagine raising children on your own, but when you have to, ... Read More »

100 Ways to Make a Grumpy Kid Smile

100 Ways to Make a Grumpy Kid Smile

As a mother, I know how it feels to see your child’s face light up with joy, glee or contentment. Unfortunately, no kid, no matter how pleasant his disposition, seems to wear that cheerful expression for long. In my book, 100 Ways to make a Grumpy Kid Smile, I provide loads of tips, advice and ... Read More »

A Single Mother, A Few Perspectives…

Book: A Single Mother, A Few Perspectives...

... and anyone else who is a single parent a book by Mary Elizabeth Jones Are you looking for a single parent guide written by an author who understand and shares your experience? Are you a single mother by choice? Are you looking for single mother assistance or single mother help? Would you ... Read More »

Great Books for Single Mothers

Great Books for Single Mothers

It wasn’t until recently that authors started focusing on literature for single mothers. Single moms looking for a good read to help them during the hard times and good times of parenting may enjoy the books below. Single Mom: A Novel by Omar Tyree Although written by a man, this novel showcases ... Read More »

Money-Saving Tips

Book Online Shopper's Survival Guide

A comprehensive guide to buying on the Internet, Online Shopper’s Survival Kit will teach you how to effectively and safely shop online for just about anything. With input from expert buyers and sellers, it discusses strategies for getting a great deal on online merchandise, including the top ... Read More »