Books For Single Moms

Single mothers carry an enormous load of responsibility, especially those having sole and/or primary custody of minor children.

They nourish, they nurture, they teach, they discipline, they shelter, they protect, and they provide… all without the assistance of another equally-invested adult.

There are numerous books written for, written by or dedicated to single mothers. Here you can read about many of these books, get information on them and see which find interesting. Some of these books are also offered in the giveaway section.

Stages of Loneliness (4)

Paralysis There is this strange dueling that goes on when you reach this stage of simultaneously feeling ready to date again, but also complete terror of even speaking to the opposite sex ever again. Maybe that's a little melodramatic. My landlord is a dude and I can speak to him just ... Read More »

Stages of Loneliness (3)

Repulsion I became repulsed - completely repulsed - by the idea of sharing my space, my life, my bed, my words, my ideas, my opinions with another man ever, ever, ever. Everything every man ever did annoyed the living shit out of me. I was not the girl to vent to. If you said, "Ugh, my ... Read More »

Stages of Loneliness (2)

I have never been a romantic comedy girl. In 9th grade, Natural Born Killers was my favorite movie. I can still recite it. After that, indie character studies and documentaries became my go-to types. I refused to watch the Notebook. It took years and a handful of guys telling me "no for real, this ... Read More »

A Single Mother, A Few Perspectives…

Book: A Single Mother, A Few Perspectives...

... and anyone else who is a single parent a book by Mary Elizabeth Jones Are you looking for a single parent guide written by an author who understand and shares your experience? Are you a single mother by choice? Are you looking for single mother assistance or single mother help? Would you ... Read More »

Stages of Loneliness (1)

Being alone is hard. Most people who get divorced aren't alone for long, gleefully flinging themselves into one anesthetizing tryst or soon-to-fail relationship after another. But those of us who lean toward masochism choose to hunker down and run headfirst into "dealing with our issues." ... Read More »