Building a Good Relationship with Your Teen

Mother and her teen doughterTeenage is a difficult time for kids since they have to deal with not only their changing hormones but also the pressure of studies mounts. These kids are trying to find themselves and in most cases are battling a lot of confusion. At this stage it is crucial for mothers to stay in touch with their teens even if the child does seem aloof and detached. Remember that kids needs the most guidance in this stage in their life and also can use the support of their parents.

Some tips below will help you to build a stronger relationship with your teen and be there for the kid without over power the child:

  • Listen – The first and foremost rule to connect with your teen is to listen. Instead of preaching and setting rules all the time begin to listen. Some kids will talk others you will need to listen to in different ways. Let them express what they are feeling, do no judge, do not preach but just listen to what the kids have to say. If the teen feels that she can come to you with almost any problem, half your battle is won instantly. To inspire this confidence in your teen, you will need to listen and earn the teens faith. Remember teens are no longer little kids and will not take kindly to being manipulated.
  • Play together – Teens are rarely going to sit down for a discussion but they are happier to do activities that they like with you. So if your teen likes the movies, then go watch the flick with her. If on the other hand music is her forte then explore this arena with her. It is important that you learn to see what your teen enjoys and then spend quality time pursuing that activity with your teen. Video games are usually a great way to loosen up your teen and help her in opening up to you.
  • Humor – Instead of being sarcastic and authoritative all the time, use humor to get your message across. Humor has the ability to lighten up the atmosphere and will make your teen feel positive instead of feeling angry and frustrated. Watching comedy based sitcoms or even reading funny literature together will also help to keep things positive. If the teen has something funny to share with you, it will help to build a sharing platform and thereby encourage communication between your and your kid even when the topic is of a more serious nature.

Teenage is a time when kid can seem different but as mothers we must understand that they are growing up and need their space. However while you do not want to stifle them, it is also important to stay connected to the kids so that you know that they have not gotten into trouble. Striking the balance between looking out for your teen and yet treating her like an adult is going to be the foundation of building a relationship with your teenager.

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