Cardio Exercises for Those with Weak Knees

AerobicMost cardiovascular exercises are hard on the knees. Running, jogging, have consequences with the knees wearing out over time, or getting inflamed. Bottom line: they hurt. In fact it is a proven fact that most long distance runners suffer from weak knees in their old age. Cycling also tends to affect the knees and so does the elliptical machine. The question now is what are the cardio options for a person who suffers from weak knees and cannot afford to run for exercise?

Here are some cardio options for those, whith weak knees:

  • Swimming – A very safe cardio form for almost any injury is swimming. This is one exercise that is very easy on the knees and allows you to accelerate your heart rate all the same. Those suffering from knee related issues should try and swim as much as possible. The benefits of swimming are manifold. Not only are you able to lose weight, strengthen your muscles but also slowly and steadily strengthen your knees without putting any load on them. Indeed the best form of cardio for someone who suffers from weak knees is swimming.
  • Walking – Another great cardio intensive activity for those who have weak knees is walking. The trick here is to walk on soft ground, so that the knees don’t feel the pressure of the step. Walking at a fast pace is important here since a leisurely walk will not force your heart rate to accelerate. Walking at a fast pace helps one to derive the benefits of a cardio program without hurting the knees. Of course the time invested in the walk will need to be more than the time invested in the run since it takes longer to burn the same amount of calories while walking as you burn while running.
  • Cross-fitness – Another great way to maintain the benefits of a cardio intensive work-out without putting pressure on the knees is to adopt a cross-fitness program. Here the idea is to accelerate the heart beat with low intensity rapid weight training. The running is restricted to very short spurts so the knees are not affected and one is able to reap all the advantages of strength training combined with an accelerated heart rate.
  • Aerobics – There are several programs in aerobics that are gentle on the knees and yet are great cardio routines. The trick is simply to pick out the right aerobic program that allows you to work on the mat and is easy on the knee region. While following such a routine pay attention to any pain that you may feel in the knees and stop your work out if you feel it is stressing the knees out.

Weak knees can be quite a problem and serve as a huge hurdle during your workout. However, with just few changes it is possible to adopt an intensive cardio routine and yet not hurt the knees. It also helps to massage the knees region before and after the exercise and stretch them well.

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