Caring for a Sick Toddler

ToddlerToddlers have a low immunity system and since they crawl all over the place they tend to pick up too many germs. This is the reason why toddlers are often getting sick. A sick toddler can be very difficult to manage since they have not learnt to deal with stuffy noses, high temperatures and other such symptoms of illness. As mothers, it is important that we know how to keep our toddlers comfortable when they fall sick so that the child can recuperate better.

Some tips below on how to care for your sick toddler:

  • Make medicine time fun – Toddlers do not take kindly to medicines and many a times you may have to hold the child down during medicine time, only to have her cry so much that it all comes out as vomit. Nothing can be more frustrating for a mother than to be unable to give her sick child the medicines she needs. However, this scenario can be changed. In most cases medicines for toddlers are sweet and so the bitter taste of the medication is not what bothers the child but the psychological fear. This can be conquered by making medicine time fun. Tell the kid how lucky she is to be getting this great sweet syrup. Ask everyone else in the house if they want to eat it. Let them all ask for it, while to deny it to them and offer it to your toddler. Making medicine time magical and fun will help in keeping the medicine down and thus the child will recover sooner.
  • Offer comfort – Toddlers can get very cranky when they are sick. It will help to offer them comfort at this time. A favorite toy, a movie of their liking, even sleeping with mommy, whatever works must be given to the child so that she is comfortable. Offer her foods that she likes and don’t force her to eat if she is not up to eat. Smaller portions will work better than larger ones since the child is able to keep it down and digest it well too. If you can keep your toddler comfortable when she is sick, she will recover sooner and will be less cranky too. Always make sure that you keep the child in her comfort zone when she is sick. So avoid going out at these times. The home is where the kid will recover best.
  • Pay close attention – It is important to monitor the situation of your sick toddler. You must take her temperature regularly and keep a tab on any other symptoms the doctor may have asked you to watch out for. All medicines must be given on time and in case you find something to worry about, make sure you report it to your doctor ASAP.

Sick toddlers bounce back quickly and with proper care their recover is even sooner. So keep the tips listed above in mind and soon you will find that that your kid is back to her playful self.

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