Caring for your Child after a Fracture

Call the doctor
“The first thing to do here is call the doctor.”

Fractures can be very painful and in the case of a child, this pain can be rather difficult to manage. Those of us who have been unlucky enough to have our kids suffer a fracture know for a fact that it needs a fair amount of attention both before and after the doctor has had a look at it.

Some tips below will help you understand how to care for the kid who has suffered the fracture and dress her both before and after the trip to the doctors:

Before the doctor:

  • Call the doctor – In most cases you will be able to tell immediately that the child has suffered a fracture since the bone will be dislodged. The kid will complain of intense pain only on being touched or moved and these are all signs of a fracture. The first thing to do here is call the doctor. In case you can have an ambulance come, it is best, if not you may have to drive the kid to the emergency room.
  • Do not move too much – It is recommended that you do not move the kid unless absolutely necessary. If you have to move the child, make sure that the fractured part of the body is not moved around at all. If it is an arm fracture, you could consider putting the arm in a makeshift sling till you get to the hospital. In case of a leg fracture moving the kid by placing the child on a sheet and then lifting the sheet is a better idea. In case you are alone, in that case help the kid to stand up and make sure that the child does not hop but puts his/her body weight on you. Do not try and make the child wear any clothes that will involve movement. If it’s too cold, opt for a shawl or a light covering instead of a sweatshirt or jersey.

After seeing the doctor:

  • Dressing tips – Once back from the doctor, you will be instructed on how to care for the kid medically. Most children are given painkillers to deal with the pain. The one constant problem that you will face is dressing the child. Here it is best to opt for loose clothing that allows the kid to get in and out with ease. In case of an arm fracture, you could consider cutting off the sleeves of a few shirts to make them more comfortable for the child, in case sleeveless tops are not an option due to cold weather. This allows for better movement as opposed to pinning the arm in some position. In case of lower body fractures loose pajamas or shorts will work the best. Stay away from synthetic clothing at this time since they can add to the itch caused by the cast and make the situation much worse.

Do keep in mind that it is important for you not to panic. Kids often suffer fractures due to falls and they heal fast too. It is necessary that you maintain your cool so that you can concentrate on caring for your child.

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