When Choosing A College Major, Follow Your Passion

Follow Your PassionLast week I received a great article in my inbox from Brazen Careerist. The article was titled, “Success Is A Lie, Why You Should Follow Your Passion Instead”. The article truly spoke to me. It talked about how important it is to have a career that you love; a job that does not feel like “work”. The article advises post graduates to work towards this goal instead of simply aiming to be successful. Ultimately, the article drives home the importance of enjoying life instead of chasing after success and suggests living a “passion-driven lifestyle”.

I agree. I recently left a good paying job, during a recession, to follow my passion and I’ve never been happier. My current work brings me more fulfillment than my past job ever did. It’s this fulfillment and joy that drives me to become even more successful in my business. If success was solely my driver I would have never left my old job to start my own business. I would have tried to climb the corporate ladder. All my life I heard that this is what successful people do. However, I’m confident, had I followed that path, I would have never achieved the fulfillment my work brings me today.

I, like the author of the article, encourage our youth to follow their passion, especially when deciding on a college major. It’s hard to know your passion at a young age. I don’t think I fully new mine when in high school. Therefore I suggest students to seek a major that explores their interests or hobbies. Find a way to get paid doing what you love. Don’t pick a major just because you think it will lead to a good paying job. It most likely will, but it will lead to a job you do not enjoy. And you will miss out on the happiness you deserve.

Last year, I read an article about the worst paying college majors. The article cited a 2012 report from Georgetown University. It listed all the majors students should avoid because they had high unemployment rates. The worst major was Architecture. The report found that Architecture had a 13.9% unemployment rate and the author of the article offered this advice “Don’t major in architecture.”

After reading this article I’m sure most people would agree. They’d discourage anyone from going to college and majoring in architecture.  I on the other hand would not. Another way of looking at the data is that 86% of architects are employed. If architecture is something that you enjoy and are passionate about then follow your passion. Just be smart about it. For instance, work on securing an internship before graduating from college. This can provide job experience and an opportunity to build your professional network.

The truth is, the high unemployment rate among architects, art majors, and liberal arts degree holders, does not mean that these graduates will not find a job. It only means that they may have a harder time finding a job compared to those who majored in other fields, such as science and engineering.

It is important for us to do what we love. We come alive when we are working on something we are passionate about. Instead of encouraging our youth to simply go to college and get a job that makes the most amount of money. Let’s encourage them to go to college, study what they love and find a way to make a living following their passion.

Written by Naiyma Houston

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