Cleaning the Freezer

FreezerMost of us will always have our freezers stocked with food and this is also the reason why we will often put off cleaning them. Not cleaning the freezer regularly can result in the refrigerator malfunctioning and worse still you could end up eating contaminated food. Strangely we often tend to clean the refrigerator but we will put off cleaning the freezer maybe since we perceive it as harder work. Experts suggest that depending on the usage the freezer must be cleaned and an average of four times in a year is a must for anyone who stores food in the freezer.

Below are a few tips that will help you clean your freezer thoroughly so that you are sure that the food in there is well taken care of:

  • Clean out – Begin by switching off the fridge and removing the plug from its socket. Now begin the first step in the cleaning process by removing all food items from it. You have to empty out the freezer completely and also remove all the racks from inside. Make sure you also pull out the stands that have been fixed to the door of the freezer too. You cannot begin to clean the freezer unless you have emptied it out fully. You can temporarily store the frozen food in a basket or large plastic container, and cover it tightly with a blanket.
  • Defrost – Since most freezers today come with a defrost button, all that needs to be done now is press this button and wait for the ice to melt. In case there is no defrost button, simply leaving the door ajar and placing some warm water inside the freezer is also going to help. It is important that there is no ice buildup left in the freezer before you begin to clean it. Do not use a knife or any other such sharp object to jab the ice off the walls of the freezer. You could end up damaging the body of the freezer and this could end up in the freezer not working optimally.
  • Wash – Once the ice inside the freezer is free of food and any ice buildup, take a dry cloth and wipe the insides fully. Take some detergent and water solution and wash the insides of the freezer with this. Dipping a clean cloth in this solution and then rubbing the walls of the freezer in circular motion will help wash the freezer thoroughly. Once this has been done, simply use warm water to clean off the soap and the leave the freezer to air out.
  • Run empty – Once the freezer has dried out, switch on the fridge again and run it empty for about an hour or two. After this you can place the food stuff back into the freezer and be sure that you freezer is well cleaned and your food will be frozen perfectly.
  • Once clean, place a box of baking soda in the freezer; there are baking soda boxes specifically made for the freezer and refrigerator: the sides of the box come off and there is a porous material, which allows the baking soda to absorb any bad odor.

The tips listed above are easy and you will be able to clean you freezer thoroughly. Simply make sure that you clean off all the soap from the freezer before you switch it on again so that there is no soap residue in the freezer that could mix with your food.

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