Cleaning out the Garage

Cleaning out the GarageThe garage seems to be one place where we keep dumping stuff that we don’t wish to keep in the house. Right from old books, the kid’s crib and old toys, to even tools and gadgets that we have stopped using in the house; somehow all of this finds it way into the garage. It comes as no surprise then that sometimes we find that there is no place in the garage to even move around and all of it seems to be filled up with clutter.

Cleaning the garage at least once a year is highly recommended. However, to most of us it seems like a mammoth task and we would rather just leave it as is. Below are a few simple tips that will help you clean the junk in your garage:

  • Everything out – When looking to rid the garage of junk, do not try and clean out patch by patch since this will rarely work. All you will end up doing is shifting the junk from one place to the other. The first step to cleaning out the garage is to empty it out entirely. This way you know exactly what all is there in the garage and you will put back only the stuff that is required and nothing else.
  • Organize – Once you have bought everything out from the garage, organize the stuff into sections. Put all the tools together, the entire baby stuff in one area and so and so forth. This will help you to see how much stuff you have and also fix the things that can be fixed. So if your stroller is missing a wheel, you will find the wheel while organizing the stuff and can fix it back in place. Organizing the garage stuff in sections will also make it real easy to find stuff when you need it at a later time since you will know which region to look in.
  • Dispose of junk – Once you have organized stuff, you will have the junk left behind and this will need to be disposed of. While the useless nuts and broken stuff is of course junk, you will also need to put away stuff that you have not used in over a year as junk. It is important to give away, sell or simply throw away the stuff that has been lying unused in your garage for over a year. This way you will be able to clear off the garage and create both space and order in here. Try to find a mom in need to give away the kid’s crib, toys, etc.
  • Clean and arrange – Once you have put away the junk and stuff that is no longer needed by you, clean up the garage thoroughly and re- arrange the stuff inside. Storing it in sections is important here since mixing it all up will create confusion later. Do not hurry this up since if you do this right you can rest for another 12 months before this cleaning is required again.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be able to clean up your garage properly and get rid of all the junk.

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