Assistance for Single Moms in Colorado

Single moms can receive help and assistance in all cities and counties in the state of Colorado. Assistance programs help with free food, housing costs, rent, energy bills, mortgages, and free health care.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
Lower income single moms that require help can get assistance with purchasing food with the help of this program, which also ensures that nutritional needs are met within the family. 800-536-5298 is the Colorado State Information/Hotline Number where single moms will be able to get more information on this assistance program.

Colorado Food Banks and Pantries
From various locations across the state, millions of pounds of free food and groceries are provided to families as well as single moms every year. 877-460-8504 to contact the Food Bank of the Rockies.

Rent and Housing Vouchers
Section 8 housing choice vouchers, subsidized low income apartments, and referrals to eviction prevention services, are some of the resources made available for the homeless and very low single moms across state. 303-864-7838 to contact the Housing Choice Voucher Program Manager.

Mortgage Help and Colorado Foreclosure Assistance
Reducing and stopping foreclosures are some of the states and local government’s main goals. If single moms need help with paying their mortgages, then there are programs and organizations in Colorado that will help them do just that. Call 877-601-4673 to get in touch with the Colorado Foreclosure Hotline. Single moms can also find throughout the state of Colorado, organizations that employ HUD certified counselors.

Help for Evictions and Grants for Rehousing in Colorado
Non-profits provide emergency funds for back rent to stop homelessness by partnering with HUD and government programs such as ESG. Free legal aid on tenant responsibilities as well as assistance on paying security deposits for a new low income apartment are other forms of support that are offered.

Social Services and Cash Assistance
The Department of Human services offers a number of services through which single moms can get grants for energy bills, free health care, housing, food, and more.

Credit Services and Debt Consolidation
Single mothers can speak to a not for profit credit counselor in case they need budgeting advice or information on low cost of free debt reduction and financial assistance programs. To contact the National Foundation for Credit Counseling call 800-388-2227.

Emergency Financial Assistance in Colorado
The Salvation Army is one of the nation’s leading charities. Cash assistance for paying bills, rent and other aid is provided by the many centers distributed across the state. Resources for energy conservation are available as well.

Free or Low Cost Health Care
Single moms can benefit from the numerous community clinics and health care programs that are being offered in each county.
Free care or services on a sliding fee scale can be offered by the dental clinics that exist in Colorado so that patients can save money on their dental bills.
Several government funded resources may be accessed by single moms who are uninsured or have limited health insurance. Medications, tests, dental care, medical bill assistance, and other services are offered by such programs.

Colorado Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+)
For uninsured pregnant women and children, this is a low-cost health insurance plan that is being made available to them if they cannot afford private health insurance. 800-359-1991

Colorado Child Care Assistance Program
While actively working, receiving job training or looking for work, this program helps single mothers afford childcare. It also goes by the name of Low Income Child Care Assistance. 303-866-5700.

Legal Aid
Organizations and attorneys provide free or low cost legal assistance to low and moderate income single moms in Colorado. 303.837.1321 to contact Colorado Legal Services.

Colorado Employment First
Through referrals, support, accountability, and community work, and credit repair this program increases employment opportunities for food stamp participants while at the same time provides advice on how to eliminate debt. 719-486-2497

Colorado Works/TANF
Cash grants, promoting opportunities for comprehensive job training, and fiscal support is provided to single moms in the state to help strengthen their families. 303-866-6210

Employment Programs and Grants for Bills and Living Expenses
Non-profit agencies are located in every single county. Short term grants may be offered for emergency needs such as heating bills, rent, and food but the main focus revolves around self-sufficiency and employment.
For unemployed single moms and career changers, Colorado Workforces centers represent another viable option. To those individuals seeking help during their search, these locations offer training opportunities, career counseling, job search assistance, and other resources. 303-318-9300 to contact the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE).

Statewide Housing and Rental Assistance
In order to help single moms pay rent and avoid evictions, a government organization known as the Colorado Division of Supportive Housing and Homeless Programs offers a number of short term assistance programs while also providing longer term self-sufficiency and housing assistance. Call 303-866-4921 for more information on resources available to single moms.

Telephone Assistance Program
Run by the Colorado Department of Human Services, this program will help single moms pay for a portion of the monthly phone bill. On basic phone or cellular service, single moms can qualify for a discount from their phone company. 303-866-5700.

Energy, Heating, and Utility Bills
Low income single moms can pay their bills with the help of the numerous government programs, non-profits, and assistance program from utility companies. Energy conservation resources are available as well. 866-432-8435 to contact the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.