Assistance for Single Moms in Connecticut

Single moms can receive assistance and aid is in all cities and counties across the state of Connecticut. Paying for rent, utility bills, providing food, free foreclosure and mortgage assistance, are some of the services provided by the high number of programs destined to help you.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
SNAP is a nutrition program that provides grants and vouchers to help lower income families and individuals buy food and groceries.

Food Banks and Distribution Centers
Families and single mothers who need assistance can receive free or low cost food and non-financial aid from the dozens of food banks, pantries, and non-profit organizations located in Connecticut. 203-469-5000 to contact the Connecticut Food Bank assistance program.

Temporary Family Assistance
With funds being paid to recipients of Jobs First, this is a cash assistance grant program that helps pay for both special and basic needs. 800-842-1508

Connecticut Foreclosure Aid, Mortgage Refinancing, and Mortgage Help
To assist single moms with their mortgages and help them avoid foreclosure various mortgage and foreclosure programs exist throughout the state. High quality foreclosure counseling is offered by non-profits throughout the state. If you are facing foreclosure call Connecticut's Mortgage Foreclosure Assistance Hotline toll-free at 877-472-8313 for assistance and guidance.

Rental Assistance
Low income single mothers can receive help with their rent from the Connecticut Rental Assistance Program (RAP), allowing them to afford within the private market decent and safe housing. Townhouses, condos, and single-family homes are types of accommodation that families can find for themselves and if later they need help with paying for their rent, vouchers can be provided. 800-842-1508. 203-658-9500

Connecticut Housing Authority
With a focus on renters and homeowners the state offers several social services. Paying rent and deposits, eviction prevention are some of the things that these programs can help you with, while at the same time homeowners can qualify for foreclosure help and mediation. 860-721-9501

Social Services and Cash Assistance
Low income single moms can receive funds for energy bills, free food, medical bill assistance, and rent/mortgage help from the programs run by the state of Connecticut. To get more information on the Cash Assistance for Families program contact Statewide Legal Services at 860-344-0380.

Debt, Credit Card, and Financial Counseling in Connecticut
A non-profit credit counseling agency can be contacted by single moms who need advice and assistance in paying credit card and medical debts, free financial and budgeting advice, or who need mortgage delinquency counseling. To contact the Financial Counselors of America (FCA) call 877-475-4238.

Emergency Assistance Programs
The Salvation Army may offer help to low income, single mothers, unemployed, and struggling families. Help for basic needs such as rent, food, housing and heating bills is offered by the dozens of centers that operate in the state.

Programs to pay Child Care
The Connecticut Care 4 Kids program offers assistance to low income single moms that are working, in school or training, by helping them pay for their day care costs with vouchers and subsidies. 888-214-5437.

Free Health Care
AmeriCares Free Clinics offer free health care to Connecticut single moms and families. Clinics are located in Danbury, Bridgeport, and Norwalk.

Low cost or free, yet high quality medical care can also be offered by non-profits, community clinics, charities and health care centers.

Aside from aiding people with general health care needs, dental care, check ups, consultations and assistance are some other forms of help that some of these clinics can provide throughout the state.

For Connecticut single moms who have no health insurance or full coverage, resources are made available in the form of Government sponsored medical assistance that can provide clients with prescription medications, check ups, health care for children, as well as assistance for seniors. 203-658-9500.

Connecticut HUSKY
Free or low-cost health insurance is offered to uninsured children and youth in Connecticut through a HUSKY plan. 877-284-8759

State-Administered General Assistance (SAGA) Medical Program
For single moms who do not qualify for other financial aid the SAGA Medical will provide medical assistance and help with health care bills and expenses. Another group eligible for support are those who are awaiting eligibility determination for other medical assistance programs. 800-842-1508

Legal Aid
A hotline was set up by the state of Connecticut that provides free legal advice. Free legal aid on a pro-bono basis can also be provided by various law firms and attorneys to single mothers across the state.
800-453-3320 to contact the Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut.

Employment Services, Financial Aid and Self-sufficiency
Non-profit community action agencies may offer help to the unemployed, working poor and low income single moms. Grants for paying for emergency needs and job training are some of the resources included.

Unemployed single moms, seniors, and career changers can receive help with their employment needs from CTWork centers that have several programs focused on helping people find a job or gain new skills.

Heating and Energy Bills
Several assistance programs in Connecticut can help low income single moms pay their monthly utility and heating bills. Contact the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) at 800-842-1132 for more information on how to save on your energy bills.

State Education Grants for Single Moms

State Education Grants for Single Moms

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Connecticut State Financial Aid for Higher Education

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