Connecticut Nursing Scholarships and Grants

CT Nursing Scholarships and Grants

Connecticut League for Nursing Scholarship

Eligibility: Students have to be Connecticut residents and have to be enrolled in an accredited nursing education program taught in Connecticut that is also a supporter of the League.  Students enrolled in diploma and associate degree programs are only eligible after they have completed their first year of study of a two-year course.  Students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree are only eligible after they have completed their third year of a four-year program.  Students enrolled in RN to BSN programs are only eligible when about to enter their senior year of study.  Students enrolled in graduate studies are only eligible after they have completed 18 credits in the nursing program.

These scholarships are awarded during Student Day in the fall of every year.

More information can be obtained directly from the Connecticut League for Nursing at 51 North Main Street, Suite 3D, Southington, CT 06489. Phone: 860-276-9621.

Waterbury Women’s Club Fund Awards

The Waterbury Foundation Women’s Club administers these grants, which are aimed at providing financial assistance to Connecticut residents who plan to attend college in Connecticut in order to study nursing or another health care-related subject. Students, who have already received funds in terms of this grant can reapply and, depending on the number and eligibility of the applicants, one or more grants are made per year, and each lasts for a year. The deadline for the submission of the grant application is April of each year.

Eligibility: Students must be graduating high school seniors, and reside in one of the 21 towns that are located in the foundation’s service area which include New Milford, Beacon Falls, Oxford, Prospect, Thomaston and Warren.

They must be planning to attend a Connecticut college to study nursing or a related health-based discipline.

More information Waterbury Women’s Club, 81 West Main Street, 4th Floor, Waterbury, CT 06702. Phone: 203-753-1315.

Eva Levitan Memorial Scholarship

This is a scholarship that is only available to Jewish residents of Connecticut who are interested in enrolling in a nursing program, and is administered by the Association of Jewish Registered Nurses.

$750 is awarded once a year, every year, and applications have to be submitted by April of any given academic year.

Eligibility: Applicants have to be both Jewish and residents of Connecticut, and must already be enrolled, or must be planning to enroll, in an accredited college nursing program.

The scholarship recipients will be determined by factors such as how active the applicant is within the community and academic record. More information regarding this scholarship can be obtained from the Association c/o The Scholarship Chairperson, 10 Tanglewood Court, Bloomfield, CT 06002.

Martha L. Bankhead / Karen Elizabeth Garvey Memorial Scholarship

This yearly $1,000 scholarship is awarded through the American Association of Nurse Anesthetics (AANA). The deadline for the submission of applications is April of any given year. The scholarship’s overall objective is to provide financial help to those members of the AANA who wish to enroll for further study in Connecticut-based schools.

Eligibility: The applicants must also hold a current nursing license and at least a bachelor of science in nursing. They must be current members of the AANA, and must already be enrolled in an accredited nursing anesthesia program offered by a Connecticut-based education institution.

More information on the scholarship from AANA, 222 S Prospect Avenue, Parkridge, IL 60068. Phone: 847-692-7050.

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