Cooking Fish? How to Get Rid of Odors

Cooking FishFish is very healthy food and apart from the omega oils, fish also contains irons and is a great source of vitamin B-12. This combined with the fact that there are many fish recipes that taste fantastic and appeal to everyone right from kids to adults; makes fish a common ingredient in our kitchen. The only one thing working against fish is the smell it posses. Getting rid of the smell of fish can be such a difficult task that in most cases one is reluctant to cook it.

There is no need to ignore fish simply because it has a strong smell. Simply keep the tips below in mind and you will be able to rid your kitchen of fish odors with great ease:

  • Mint leaves – Mint leaves have an over powering aroma of their own and they tend to absorb fouls smells too. When cooking fish simply add a few mint leaves to the pan and this will help contain the fish odor and prevent it from spreading all over the kitchen and worse still the house. Even placing the entire bunch of mint leaves on the counter while you clean and wash the fish will help tremendously.
  • Wet towel – In case your recipe does not allow for mint leaves to be added to the fish, try the wet towel approach. Simply hang a wet towel close to the area where the fish is going to be cooked and the towel will absorb the smell of the fish, thus preventing it from spreading around the house. This technique works better if you keep the towel placed towards the direction in which the food steam is traveling.
  • Milk – In case you want to remove the fishy smell of the fish, simply dip in for half an hour in cold milk. The cold milk absorbs the smells of the fish leaving it completely clean smelling. The milky dip also adds to the softness of the fish and makes it much more succulent too.
  • Vinegar – Another great way to fight fish odors is to use vinegar. Simply dabbing the fish will vinegar and leaving it for a few minutes helps to cut the fishy smell of the dish. Interestingly, vinegar also helps to rid the pans and grills of the left over fishy smell. Simply scrub vinegar over the pan or the grill and let it soak in warm water for a few minutes. Once does rinse the dish before putting it into the dish washer and you will not have to worry about the lingering fish smell in the utensil.
  • Vanilla water – In case you need help cleaning the microwave and ridding it of fish smell the water and vanilla formula will work best. All you need to do is warm a bowl of water into which you drip a few vanilla drops for a few minutes in the microwave and the fish smell will be gone.

With these tips in mind you will be able to keep the smell of fish out of your kitchen when cooking this lovely food.

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