Cooking With Pasta

Cooking With PastaTypes of Pasta

Pasta is easy to prepare, inexpensive, nutritious and can add variety to your family’s diet. Learn more about pasta and the many different ways it can be served. Get a few new ideas and recipes, or send in some of your own!

Capellini/Capelli d’Angeli
“Fine hair/Angel hair” Very thin strands. Serve with light, delicate sauces. Also good in soups.

Cannelloni / Manicotti
Large tubular noodles. Serve stuffed with cheese and/or meats, cover in sauce and bake.

Egg Noodles
Short and flat noodles with a slight curl. Serve with light or hearty sauces. Can be baked or put in soups. Great as a side dish, too.

“Little Thimbles” This versatile shape can be used as the base of any dish. Bake it, stir it into soups, or create great salads and stir-fry dishes.

“Bowties” or “Butterflies”Bowtie shaped pasta. Serve with light or hearty sauces. Use it in salads, soups and side dishes, too.

“Small ribbons”Flatter and thicker than spaghetti. Serve with rich and heavy sauces. Great as an entrée or side dish.

Fusilli Linguini “twisted Spaghetti”
This long, spiraled shape can be topped with any sauce, broken in half and added to soups, or turned into a beautiful salad.

Large, flat noodles with ruffled edges. Usually layered in a large baking dish with meats, cheese and/or vegetables. Once assembled, can be frozen.

Linguine Macaroni
“Little tongues” Smaller and thinner than fettuccine. Serve with any sauce. Also great as a side dish with Parmesan sauce.

Macaroni – Maccheroni
An American favorite. This familiar pasta can be served with any sauce. It can be baked, put in soups and used in salads.

“Barley” Looks like little grains. Serve with most sauces for a main or side dish. Great baked or in soups.

Penne / Mostaccioli
“Barley” Looks like little grains. Serve with most sauces for a main or side dish. Great baked or in soups.

Larger than macaroni, has grooves. Serve with any sauce. Meat and cheese sauces go well with this pasta. Can be baked.

“Small accordions” or “Radiators” Small pasta with ruffled ridges. Serve with hearty meat and cheese sauces. Great baked or in soups.

“Small spirals” Serve with any sauce. Great as a main or side dish. Can be used in soups and salads.

Shell – medium, Conchiglie
Shells make a great addition to soups or as base of a wonderful salad.

Shell – Jumbo, Conchiglione
Best when stuffed with your favorite mixtures of cheese, meat and vegetables. Good with meat, Mexican dishes, or stuffed dishes.

Another American favorite. Serve with any sauce. Great baked and as a side dish. Break into tiny pieces for soups or casseroles.

Wagon Wheels, Ruote
Wagon Wheels make interesting salads, casseroles and stir-fry dishes. Add to soups, or simply top with sauce.

Tube-shaped medium sized pasta. Slightly larger than penne. Serve with hearty meat or cheese sauces. Great baked, or as a side dish.

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