Coupons for Organics

I love coupons, or at least I do in theory. I mean, I’d love to use coupons, but they’re pretty much only for pre-packaged junk food. Even the “healthy” ones are loaded with artificial ingredients, preservatives, pesticides, and gmo’s. I had about given up on being able to use coupons in all but a few rare occasions – until today.

Today, I actually printed out 17 pages of organic coupons. “Organic?” you ask. Yes, indeed! There actually are coupons for organic food… You just have to know where to look.

I started out printing coupons from websites of brands of products that I frequently buy (or would be willing to buy if a coupon made it affordable), like,, and Then, I came across an odd-sounding website called Mambo Sprouts.

At, nearly all of the coupons were for organic products. I absolutely LOVE that about it. Since we eat a gmo-free diet (that includes not eating animal products from animals that have been fed gmo’s), our grocery expenses can get pretty high sometimes. I think it’s a fair trade-off though. Instead of spending less money on food and more money on doctor bills and medications, we spend more on food and less on doctor bills and medications – not to mention the time we don’t spend sitting in a doctor’s office and/or miserable with one illness or another. You can’t put a price on feeling well!

After printing out my coupons, I searched online for my local (ok, 1-hour away, but I live in a really small town) Martin’s store’s coupon policy. With my rewards card, the value of my coupons can be doubled, up to $1. That definitely makes my groceries more affordable. That could help me save more than 25% on our milk and yogurt without compromising our health.

I’m pretty happy that I finally found a good source for organic coupons. I think will make my goal of whittling down my grocery budget much less painful.

Article by Randi Millward

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