Creating a Happy Home

Happy HomeThe secret to a good life is a happy home. As a mom creating a happy atmosphere in the house largely rests on our shoulders. A happy home is harmonious and everyone right from the children to the adults feels good about coming home. However, creating a happy home is easier said than done. With more than two people living under a house, tiffs are bound to happen, disagreements are a part of the game and sometimes tensions run high too.

With a few ground rules we can help the house to bounce back on its feet and keep the happy atmosphere:

  • Encourage talking about feelings – When looking to create a happy home it is important that you encourage every family member to talk about their feelings. Not just the good ones, but the bad ones too. While we will often try and teach our kids this philosophy, most adults in the house will try and dodge it. This will not work. So, right from the parents to the kids, everyone will have to learn to talk about what they are feeling and express it in the proper fashion too. Communication is the corner stone of letting out negatives from our system and moving on towards happier thoughts. Just harvesting bad feelings will not help and only make the home gloomier.
  • Create happy memories – A happy home needs to thrive on happy memories. Preserve and relive the ones that have passed and try and create more happy moments and memories. For this it will help to organize fun moments, have family get together and undertake similar fun activities with the family as a whole. Talking about these moments later helps to increase happiness in the home and thereby keeps the atmosphere light and joyful. Some thing as simple as going through an old family album can also cheer one up immensely.
  • Use humor to lighten the atmosphere – Negative emotions are a part of our everyday life but if we take life too seriously, it will get difficult to get through the day. So learn to laugh and see the lighter side of things. Instead of making mountains of mole hills, adopt the reverse approach. Using humor in the house will help to keep negative emotions in control and this in turn will keep the home happy. Do not confuse humor with teasing since the later will create hostility while the former will encourage happiness. Joke about things and crack jokes but do not make any member of the house a target of constant below the belt sarcastic jokes.

Happy homes are ideal grounds to flourish. The children in happy homes will grow up much more confident and comfortable with who they are. The positive energy in such a household encourages productive output and thus results in better performance of all members of the house. So set up some rules that help to keep your house happy and cheerful even in the face of adversity.

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