Creating More Space In the House

Cardboard BoxesAs our family grows we need more space in the house. What may have worked for you when you were newly married may see like a small house once you add two more kids to the house. Since moving to a bigger place is not always an option, one can create more space in the house by simply working with a few space creating ideas.

Below are some tips on how to create more space in your home without going in for major remodeling:

  • Clean up – The first step to creating more space in the house is to throw out all the junk from the house. Clean out everything right from the closets to the garage. Most of us horde stuff that we do not need and this takes up useful place in the house that could have been used for more important stuff. So begin by ensuring that all the things in your house are useful and needed by you. Old clothes that do not fit anymore, decorative stuff that you do not use anymore, appliances that have gone bad and you have simply put them aside and even utensils that are not used by you anymore, everything needs to be removed from the house.
  • Racks – There is no doubt that building a closet does help to create space but closets can be an expensive proposition. Instead get a few racks. These wracks are easy to move around and you can shelf everything right from books to toys to magazines to even small clothes in these racks. These racks come in a large variety of sizes and even materials and some can be bought in yard sales too, so the cost can easily be controlled by you. With a lot of extra stuffed stacked in racks you will find that your home will have a significant amount of extra space.
  • Cardboard Boxes – There are things which we may not use immediately but do have use for at a later time. Now these things will not be thrown out of the house but need to be stored properly so as to occupy least space. Storing these items in cardboard boxes and placing them in lofts or basements will help to empty more space in the house. Store winter clothes through the summer and summer clothes through the winter and you will find a lot more pace in your closets right through the year. Toys, baby clothes, cribs, etc being stored for the next kid and other similar items that you may need at a later date can also be stored similarly.

Creating space in your house is not easy but if you put your mind to it you will be able to make optimum usage of the current space in your house and this will solve your problems to a large extent. So keep the tips listed above in mind and begin to organize your home more strictly in order to have more space than you do at the moment.

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