Dating Advice and Tips

I am ready to start dating again, but how? Now that I am out there, what next? Am I ready for this?
These and many other questions and emotions are addressed through informative yet touching articles on various topics. After divorce, separation or being alone and ready for a relationship, dating can be an unfamiliar and frightening concept . This time something is very different, we now have more than ourselves to worry about, we have our children. Finding out more about unpleasant encounters, handling new relationships, introducing your children, dating advice and tips and so much more can help make our next dating experience a wonderful new adventure.

The End of An Era (3)

I had read a lot of the marriage self-help books: how to save your marriage, how to deal with this personality type/that personality type, how to save your marriage without discussing marriage, how to change when your partner doesn’t want to change, how to live happily in an unhappy marriage and finally, how to stay married no matter what (even  Read More »

The End of An Era (2)

It’s not like I was scared of being alone.  I had been single ’til the age of thirty-five.  I knew that I could live happily and healthily without a significant other.  But now I had a child and with all the things I prided myself on: doing things the right way (being educated, being married, traveling the world, giving my  Read More »

The End of An Era (1)

Break-ups hurt, but, breaking up a family hurts like hell. The minute I mustered up enough courage to actually entertain the idea that my marriage was not going to make it, I was thrown into an immediate depression.  I was miserable.  Not so much for myself.  I knew that I was still relatively young enough, motivated enough and confidently attractive  Read More »

Destination: Dating Mom (4)

We’re no longer going to focus on the disappointments of the past.  We’re no longer going to believe that the only men we can attract are fixer-uppers, men that we have to nurture and raise and get to the point where they can be what we and our children need.  (we’ve already got children. We don’t need another one!)  We’re  Read More »

Destination: Dating Mom (3)

As a teacher and a mother, I have a special soft spot for children.  I believe that all children should be loved, cherished and above all, protected.  Nothing burns me up more than parents who think their job as a parent is done as long as shelter, food and clothing are provided.  Children need so much more than that in  Read More »