Dating Advice and Tips

I am ready to start dating again, but how? Now that I am out there, what next? Am I ready for this?

These and many other questions and emotions are addressed through informative yet touching articles on various topics. After divorce, separation or being alone and ready for a relationship, dating can be an unfamiliar and frightening concept . This time something is very different, we now have more than ourselves to worry about, we have our children. Finding out more about unpleasant encounters, handling new relationships, introducing your children, dating advice and tips and so much more can help make our next dating experience a wonderful new adventure.

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Sistas Without Mistas (2)

I think I could probably walk into a job making about $10/hr with my background in hospitality and rooms operation. So if I worked full time at a local hotel, I might bring home $400/week before taxes. The cost of before and after school care for three children – which I would need to work a day ... Read More »

Sistas Without Mistas (1)

I've been single parenting for about three years now. I have a lot of help. And even with all that help I'm still overwhelmed. But what I'm doing is nothing compared to what some of my homegirls are going through. Here's the thing. When a kid goes and shoots up a school, or robs a Circle K and ... Read More »

Stages of Loneliness (4)

Paralysis There is this strange dueling that goes on when you reach this stage of simultaneously feeling ready to date again, but also complete terror of even speaking to the opposite sex ever again. Maybe that's a little melodramatic. My landlord is a dude and I can speak to him just ... Read More »