Dating Again – Are You Moving Too Fast?

Dating AgainGetting back to dating after coming to terms with your status as a single mother can sometimes put you on a fast forward path. You may dash through the wooing and flirting period and suddenly find that in a month your relationship has reached a level where you are considering major decisions like moving in or getting engaged. Now while you may be very happy at having found love again and that too so soon, it is also important to keep caution in mind.

Rushing into something can end up with you nursing a broken heart again and this repeated blow may break you as a person. So take time and think about it before you rush into something blindly. Some tips below will help you judge if your relationship is moving at super-sonic speed:

  • Milestones – Begin by assessing how many miles stones you have crossed. Take into account everything right from how intimate you have become physically to how much you have come to depend on the man mentally. This will help you understand how involved you are with the man. If the time factor is too short and the milestones that you have been crossing are several, then it is a definite indication that you are moving too fast. If you met a man a month ago, and are discussing your financial and emotional problems with him, this does spell trouble. It is best to slow down and get to know the man for real which is something only time can do.
  • Time factor – While it is normal to want to spend time with your date, it is important that you understand other aspects of your existence too. In case you find that right through the day you are only thinking of your man, taking to him, meeting him and so on and other people in your life have taken a back seat, it is time to rethink your life. While dating is important you must give up your life for this man. As a single mom you have several important people in your life and they must take front seat as opposed to someone who just walked into your life a short time ago. Do not forget this ever and if the scenario is such, slow down and make time for the older more important relationships in your life.
  • Productivity – If your dating is affecting your productivity negatively, then it is time to rethink. In case you find that your productivity in work or even at home is dropping then you are going too fast in your dating and need to slow down. Your children and your work must be given priority and as a single mom it is crucial that you do not let your productivity drop in these areas.

These are just a few tips that will help you to understand if you are going too fast in your dating. In most cases it is best to take it slow and easy and let time tell you if you are on the right path.

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