Dealing with a Bee Stings

Bee on a flowerBee stings are very painful, and in some rare cases these stings can also turn fatal if the person is allergic to the sting. A swamp of bees may attack together and this could become quite a huge problem, which is not to say that a single bee sting is any less serious. Be it an adult or a child, a bee sting needs to be attended to immediately in order to provide relief to the victim.

Some tips below will help to deal with the bee sting in the right way:

  • Remove bee sting – The sting of the bee is what carries the poison and causes the swelling, pain, etc. The longer you leave the sting in the body, the longer it will take to heal and the worst will be the side effects. In most cases the bee sting can easily be seen and one can brush it away with the hand or use a tweezers to pluck it out. If you leave the sting there, the area around will swell up and it will get difficult to remover the sting.
  • Anti-pain – Ice packs work wonders to reduce the pain caused by the sting of the bee. Apply the ice pack for a few minutes in order to calm the burning sensation that the sting has caused. In case the pain is too much to bear one could have over the shelf pain killers too. However, there are times when the pain can get too difficult to bear and here it is best to make a visit to the emergency room.
  • Swelling – Another symptom of the bee sting is swelling and while the pain usually subsides within a few hours, the swelling may take days to go down. There is not much that can be done here to speed up the process, but it is important to keep the area well guarded since it is still sensitive and will hurt if brushed again. Ice packs help present swelling as well.
  • Itching – A bee sting itches tremendously and during the latter part of healing, this itching becomes even more pronounced. Applying some soothing lotions like Benadryl will help tremendously to control the itching. Do not use lotions that are laden with chemicals since this can cause a further reaction on the skin and make matters worse. In some cases the itching will go overboard and this will happen seconds after the bee sting. Hives, shortness of breath and severe itching, indicates an allergic reaction and one needs to rush the victim to the hospital immediately.

Bees do not sting unless absolutely forced to, it is an act of defense. Once a bee has stung you, it will die off in some time. So if you are close to a bee, try and walk away from it slowly without threatening it in any way and your chances of not getting stung will be higher. Anti- allergy medication helps in the case of bee stings and one could depend on these to keep the pain and swelling down.

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