Dealing With Itchy Skin in Winter

Itchy Skin in WinterWhile summers can be hash for the skin, winters come with their set of problems. Dry and itchy skin seems to be an issue almost everyone combats during the winter months. Having to wear layers of clothing and also woolen garments tends to add to the problem even more. Also due to the dipping temperature most of us avoid applying lotions since they feel cold. However, leaving the skin unattended will lead to rashes and other such problems and so it is important to look into dry skin as soon as the problem occurs.

Some tips below on how to evade dry skin during the winter months:

  • Moisturize – The main problem behind dry skin is lack of moisture. Applying enough lotion in order to keep the top layer of your skin supple is of course important, but you should not ignore inner moister either. Apply and massage your hands as often as you can, and do dab the drier regions like elbows and knees with warm oil almost everyday. Commercial moisturizers are of course popular but it will serve well to look into natural options of moisturizing the skin. Choosing natural ways to moisturize the skin helps to keep the skin away from the harmful side- effects of chemical laden moisturizers.
  • Avoid face peel offs – Almost all peel- offs will leave the skin on the face dryer. This is why these masks are recommended for those who suffer from an oily kin. Even if your skin is oily during the summer months, do not use these peels during the winters. Instead opt for a face pack that is simple and soothing. Just applying some milk with full cream on your face for a few minutes and washing it off with water should be enough to add glow to your skin during the winters.
  • See a doctor – In case the common home remedies are not working out for you, it will help to see a dermatologist in order to identify your skin type. Not all skin types react in the same way and so getting to know about your skin and problem areas will help you tend to it better. A skin specialist will be able to tell you your skin type and also recommend creams that are more suitable for your skin. There are some of us who suffer from a T zone or skin that has some oily patches and some dry ones. If you are going to apply the same cream to the entire area, you are likely to break out into pimples in the oily patches. Seeing a dermatologist will help in understanding not only what to use for your dryness but also identify the regions where you have to apply the cream.

Dry and itchy skin is not only irritating; it could also turn into something serious. While as adults we take care not to itch the skin too card, children throw this caution to the wind and often end up with bleeding skin. So make sure that you care for the entire family’s dry skin when the winter months come calling.

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