Dealing With the Virus Infections in The Family

Virus InfectionsThe season that brings along viral infections is round the corner. Those of us who have school going children are dreading it. It is a fact that once the virus infection is brought home, it usually gets passed on to everyone else in the family. The siblings get infected a few days later, and sometimes the adults in the house also fall get sick.

Thankfully there are a few tips that will help in combating the viral infections when they enter your home. A few tips:

  • Step Up Hygiene - As soon as one o the kids (or adults) gets sick, it helps to get stricter hygiene rules in place. Everyone needs to wash the hands more frequently, and especially avoiding sharing toys, etc. with the infected child. Use antiseptic liquid. If possible, avoid sharing a room or clothes with the sick child. Make sure everyone has a lot of liquids and is getting good rest. These tips may be able to keep the others in the family safe and will definitely lower the intensity of the germs.
  • Watch for symptoms - It is important to catch the symptoms of a viral infection early, and so watch out for the others who are still healthy. A runny nose, body ache, lethargy and even a rash could indicate that the infection was passed to another member of the house. Starting treatment immediately will help to control the situation sooner and also provide comfort to the patient.
  • Plan ahead - The moment one person in your house gets sick, get ready for the chance that it would spread. Cook in advance and try and get as much done as possible while you are infection free. In most cases the kids and moms find themselves sick together and this can mean major inconvenience. With a little bit of planning one can bring this chaos down extensively. If you shop for your groceries, cook for the week ahead and finish your other chores, you will find that you have only the sickness to tend to in case if does take you down also.
  • Doctor’s advice – If you take one of the kids to the doctor after he/she gets a viral infection, ask the doctor, about precautions to keep the other kids safe. Also ask what you should do in case the other kids come down with similar symptoms. Remember that kids are given medication doses function of their weight, so it is very important that you do not share medication with another child. Check for the doses and the medication that each child will need to be given in case they come down with similar symptoms.

In most cases a viral infection will take its time and one simply has to take medication to keep the fever down. However, do remember that in cases where the fever lasts for more than four to five days, some blood tests maybe called for and it is important that you do not continue to dismiss the fever as just a viral infection but seek a doctor’s advice instead.

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