Home Ownership Programs for Single Moms

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own home?

Now I know you ALL answered yes to that one! Well guess what, it might be easier that you thought. There are loans out there to help with the purchase for low-income families and assistance for applying for grants.

Going through a foreclosure, we have resources for that too. The Homebuyer Tax Credit HFA Loan Programs are available to help buyers that need down payment and closing cost assistance when purchasing a home with the tax credit. These HFAs are offering special short-term second loans to qualified buyers, for little or no interest and may be repaid with the homebuyer tax credit refund.

Home ownership is a dream that isn’t as hard to reach as we sometimes may think. Take a look around, you just might find what you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Making Home Affordable / Foreclosure Avoidance

The Making Home Affordable Program (MHA) is a critical part of the Administration’s broad strategy to help homeowners avoid foreclosure, stabilize the country’s housing market, and improve the nation’s economy. Being a single mother, there is a higher chance to need help with making home affordable. Your expenses might have increased due to medical bills, or you might still be  Read More »

California: Mercy Housing – Home Ownership Programs

California: Mercy Housing - Home Ownership Programs

Through our Mutual Self-Help Housing Program and our Down Payment Assistance Programs, Mercy Housing California offers people the opportunities to own their own home. Mercy Housing California’s Self-Help Housing Program enables low-income families to own an affordable home built with their own hands. More than 2,900 families have built their own homes, making Mercy Housing California the second largest producer of self-help housing  Read More »

Foreclosure Assistance, Illinois

Foreclosure Assistance

Resources are available to help save your home if you are facing foreclosure. Contact your mortgage lender to discuss your circumstances as soon as you realize that you’re unable to keep up with your mortgage payments. Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network (IFPN) The Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network brings together the services of state agencies and non-profit organizations to help connect struggling  Read More »

5 Ways To Not Get Burned When Buying A Home

5 Ways To Not Get Burned When Buying A Home

Prospective home buyers who want a successful transaction would be well served not to take shortcuts. There is an established process for home purchase, and there’s a reason it is so commonly used. Each of these steps play a part in allowing a family to move into their home feeling confident that there will be no problems down the road.  Read More »

Faithful Home Services, Inc.


Faithful Home Services (FHS) was established to give economically disadvantaged families access to resources which are necessary for maintaining a safe and healthy home environment; the kind of things which many of us take for granted as part of everyday life. It is their mission to locate homeowners who do not possess the finances or the technical expertise to otherwise  Read More »

Get Help Buying A House, Mississippi

Get Help Buying a Home

Mississippi’s Home Saver program The Mississippi Home Corporation received federal government Hardest Hit funds to create Home Saver. The primary goal of Mississippi’s program is to help homeowners who have had a reduction in wage or salary income from a job loss or underemployment to retain their homes while they seek reemployment. A second goal is to support individuals who  Read More »