Diapering for Single Moms

Diapering for Single MomsChoosing how you will diaper your new baby can be one decision that can really save you money and time and as a single mother I am sure you want to save both. To help you with your decision we will point out some of the advantages and disadvantages of cloth and disposable diapers.

Disposable diapers are sold on every corner from drugstores to convenience stores and they have become very effective and comfortable over the last decade. They are extremely absorbent and easy to use. They are made to be light and thin and can be carried in any diaper bag. Disposables can be easily added to your baby registry at most stores where you signed up for your baby registry. Your older children will find these diapers easy to use as they help you with the new baby.

While they save time, the downside is that they can be very expensive. One baby can easily use four to six dollars worth of diapers a day. Over the course of a year that can mean close to $2000. Other concerns about disposable diapers include worries over the dyes, as well as the by-products of the bleaching process, and the super absorbent gel, sodium polyacrylate, that helps keep the liquids in. This gel has been known to be associated with allergies and toxic shock syndrome, though these are very rare. Disposable diapers also do not break down well in landfills.

Cloth diapers are an alternative to the disposable diaper and save money. Today’s cloth diapers are no longer only fastened with pins and covered in plastic. These diapers are comfortable, washable, and easy for even new parents to use. A cloth diaper’s main advantage is that it is reusable and a single diaper can be used hundreds of time– simply soil, empty, wash, rinse and repeat. This makes them much more economical than disposables. While not cheap upfront, costing $6 to $20 depending on style, but certainly still a significant savings over disposable. These diapers do a good job of absorbing without dangerous chemicals reaching baby’s skin. All-in-one diapers, which include absorbent layers, plastic out cover, and attaching straps, all in a single diaper, are great options that make cloth diapering easy. The fabric of these diapers is soft, usually 100% cotton or fleece, and are very comfortable on babies’ skin. Often, these diapers can be purchased in cute designs and pretty colors, enhancing their visual appeal.

Cloth diapers do have some disadvantages. They are bulky in an effort to be absorbent, they have more volume. This can make them more difficult to store, harder to put in your diaper bag, and make some clothing tight. Soiled cloth diapers also have to be stored and laundered and do take more time than tossing a disposable in the trash, which may turn off any older children or others who would normally offer diapering help.

Diapering your new baby is just one decision of many to make as you raise your child. Deciding which is best can mean giving both a try and seeing which works best. Cost savings versus time savings should be considered.

Article by N.H.

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