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Let's face it! Good vet care is expensive!

Dr. Marie has tips that help pet owners who are on a budget. There are tips that work for all pet owners, as well as tips specific to pets with certain medical problems. Whichever your case is, Dr. Marie has some advice for you. Read here facsimiles from her book, Save Money on Vet Bills - 75 tips that are guaranteed to save you money!

Some of the tips in this book are things that everyone can use. Some of them are specific to pets with certain types of medical problems. No matter what type of animal you have, there should be a good number of tips in this book that will save you money.

"While I never want to cut corners on medical care I usually try to do all I can to make the recommended treatment course as economical as possible."

For the Constipated Cat (chs. 74-75)

For the Constipated Cat

Unfortunately, many cats as they get older can have problems with constipation. This can be a very frustrating problem to deal with. In some cases, if the cat gets too constipated he or she can require a hospital stay with IV fluids. In some very severe cases a cat will need an anesthetic to have some stool manually dislodged. This  Read More »

Is your animal on Famotidine? (chs. 71-73)

Is your animal on Famotidine?

We will often prescribe a medication called Famotidine when an animal has an upset stomach or symptoms of a stomach ulcer. Did you know that Famotidine is the same thing as Pepcid that you can buy over the counter? In most cases it is less expensive to buy this medication at the pharmacy. However, the drawback is that the Pepcid  Read More »

Is Your Cat Sneezing? (chs. 57-59)

Is Your Cat Sneezing?

We commonly see upper respiratory viruses in cats which are very similar to when people get a cold. Often there is not a lot that we can do for the cats. Sometimes I will put them on an amino acid supplement called lysine which can help them fight the virus a little quicker. But, I usually don’t prescribe antibiotics or  Read More »

Flea Products (chs. 54-56)


I am finding that fleas are becoming more and more of a problem these days! And here is my theory why: Prescription flea products are expensive. So people are looking for alternatives. The pet stores sell products that look exactly the same as what the vet sells. They are applied the same way and the package promises results but the  Read More »

Euthanasia (chs. 52-53)

Dog euthanasia

I debated about whether or not to include tips on how to save on euthanasia at the risk of lacking tact. This is not a time where we want to be seeking discounts. However, euthanasia can be expensive. Here are some things that may help to defray the cost: Sometimes it will cost less for euthanasia if you do not  Read More »

Dr. Marie
Save Money on Vet Bills - 75 tips that are guaranteed to save you money!, a book by Veterinarian, Dr. Marie Haynes, of www.AskAVetQuestion.com.


Let's face it! Good vet care is expensive! I wanted to write this book to help pet care owners who are operating on a tight budget.

I want to be clear that this is not a book that is meant to speak against or put down veterinarians in any way. I do believe that the vast majority of veterinarians are good, honest people who truly want to help animals and the people who own and love them. Very few people become a vet because they want to make oodles of money! Most vets absolutely hate the fact that they need to talk about finances with people.

I am a veterinarian myself. I have been treating dogs, cats and pocket pets for eleven years now. While I absolutely love my career, what I dislike the most about it is the financial aspect. It's never fun to tell someone that their dear pet has kidney disease, cancer, a broken bone or some other devastating problem. But what makes that even harder is telling them how much their bill will be to help to diagnose or treat this problem.

I hope they help many people!

Dr. Marie.