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Monthly Giveaways

When You Say “Thank You,” Mean It

When You Say Thank You, Mean It

Everyone wants their children to be happy, responsible, and well adjusted, but there's no rulebook to teach parents how to do so--until now. In this book, you'll learn how Mary O'Donohue, a proud mother of two, developed a practical program that allows parents to instill timeless values in their children over the course of one year. Focusing on … Read More »

GoFish – Great Music for Kids


That Won't Drive Parents Bonkers... Their mission is to make “great music for kids that won’t drive parents BONKERS”! From the sounds of it, they’re hitting it right on the head. Don’t take their word for it, though. Listen for yourselves.Lets Sing with the GoFish guys DVD The brand new "sing-along" DVD from Go Fish. Released as part of the … Read More »

Your Guide to Living Large on Very Little

No Money? No Problem!

Ever wished you knew how to go on living the good life in tough times? Frugality is the new reality, but doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your lifestyle and turn into a no-fun cheapskate. In fact, after reading this book, you’ll find that frugality can be a blast and you can still end up with more money left at the end of the month instead of the … Read More »

Kids and the Single Mom – A Real-World Guide to Effective Parenting

Jennifer Barnes Maggio

The last thing single moms need is another book heavy on theory and light on practice. They need practical, real-world guidance from an “insider,” from one who has been there in the trenches and foxholes of single parenting and not only lived to tell about it but delights in sharing in a candid, down-to-earth manner the great challenges she has … Read More »