Drink the Right Fluids When Sick

LemonadeMedicines are the first thing we reach out for when we get sick, but aside from medication there are many other things that also help us heal and heal faster. Of course proper rest and nutritious food is important to help us recover from sickness, but most of us often forget that proper intake of liquids is also crucial. If we hope for a quick recovery we must take in the right kind of fluids so that we can help the body get better. Take the wrong ones (such as alcohol) and you will only make the situation worse.

Some fluids that will help you recover faster when sick:

  • Water- There is nothing better than water. Experts suggest that one must have at least eight glasses of water everyday. When sick, it is important to increase you intake of water so as to replace the fluids lost in your body. Water also helps to wash out your system and keeps it away from germ build up. Especially when faced with symptoms like high fever, nasal congestion, watery eyes, loose motions, etc., we must drink a lot of water to maintain the nasal passages moist and to replenish the liquid loss due to fever.
  • Lemonade – When we are sick out body tends to lose a lot of fluid. Along with this fluid we also lose important salts and minerals. Unless your doctor advises otherwise, do have a couple of glasses of lemonade each day. Add glucose and salt to the lemonade so that you body receives vitamin C, salts, sugars and water too. In some cases lemonade may cause acidity so be sure you don’t drink it on an empty stomach.
  • Coconut water- Another very healthy drink when you are sick is coconut milk. Fresh coconut milk is both refreshing and contains minerals as well. In fact coconut milk is so healthy that it is often recommended as a regular vitamin addition. A glass of coconut milk a day can help the patient feel better and recover faster. It is best to have the coconut milk directly from the fresh coconut, but there are a few bottled versions in the market to that are also very good.
  • Chicken broth – This is a liquid that is highly recommended for recovering patients. Right from the common cold to a more severe ailment, chicken soup seems to work for everyone. Two to three bowls of chicken soup a day will work wonders in speeding up the recovery of the patient. Warming the liquid up before drinking it soothes the throat and also helps provide the patient with good nutrition and protein content also.

While the liquids listed above will help to recover sooner, there are certain liquids that will make the situation much worse. Alcohol, coffee, carbonated water, sugary drinks and sometimes even milk can make things worse for the patient. So keep these drinks in mind and make sure that if you, or someone in your family gets sick, you have those suggested drinks handy to speed up the recovery.

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