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Enter here your Amazing Mom Story for the chance to win a $100 Walmart gift certificate. A winner will be chosen each month.

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  1. ORIAN says

    If I won a $50 gift card I would spend it on my boys 7, 5 and almost 2. Since becoming single I havent been able to take my kids for pictures since money is always so tight. This would give me the opportunity to do something for them. To be able to hang their pictures on the wall, showing them that we can still be a happy family and do things just like everyone else. Try to keep things as normal and usual for them as possible. It would mean the world to me if I won.

  2. Kelli King says

    I would go t a second hand store and buy a TV so my kids can watch cartoons. I’m a single mother of two boys 7 and 6. Both my 7 year old and myself have disabilities. After 17 years of no schooling I am attending online college courses full time and also helping my 2nd grader and kindergardener. I can’t afford a TV and the only entertainment my family as is the laptop my school lent me to complete the classes. My kids desire to be kids and enjoy cartoons like Mickey Mouse and Dora.

  3. says

    I would use the $50 gift card to purchase a membership @ our local Children’s Discovery Museum for my daughter Ocean who struggles with sensory and adjustment disorders. She loves going there because she gets to use and explore all of her senses and is a great place for imaginary play as well as working on other skills for her, but it is not cheap to attend.Thank you!!

  4. Michelle Mckelvie says

    Greatly appreciate it I’d really appreciate it me and my son for the past 3 months have had no food stamps are health benefits. Its been very hard. Thank you

    God bless


  5. Layna Sweeney says

    There are so many ways I could use a $50 gift card or gift certificate, but I think i would like to spend it on my 13 yr old daughter. She has been so helpful to my mom & me ( I have rheumatoid arthritis), especially since my mom just came home from having lung surgery. would take her for a haircut at a salon and with the rest buy her some clothes. She wouldn’t expect it which makes it all the more wonderful.

  6. Bobbi Goodwin says

    winning a $50 gift card would mean the world to me because it would give me the oppourtunity to take my 3 kids, ages 9, 7, & 18 months to get pictures done professionally of all 3 of them together FINALLY! I just recently started a minimum wage job but before that hadn’t worked in a couple years & have never got pictures of my youngest unlike my older 2 which got them taken every year sense they were born!

  7. Shameka says

    At a time like this with me struggling to take care of my three children if I win this card this would be the day me and my will have a full meal.so please bless me

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