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Enter here your Amazing Mom Story for the chance to win a $100 Walmart gift certificate. A winner will be chosen each month.

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  1. brittany says

    I would use the $50 cash gift card to buy supplies for my sons kindergarten class. The teacher told me she only recieved $150 for the entire school year. Now imagine, if she can make that work then imagine what she can do wiith $50

  2. Tryphena Jefferson says

    I would use the the money for school supplies. My girls classes are always In need of hand sanitizer, tissue,glue ect..

  3. Rachel L says

    I would use the $50 to add to my daughters saving account. I am a first time mom of a 6 month old and Im always shopping for necessities needed to care for my new baby. After shopping for her needs and paying bills, sometimes i don’t always have a little extra left over to put towards her college saving fund. Especially being a single mom and with one income being myself. So I would definitely save the extra cash and put it towards my daughter’s future!

  4. Nickie Albert says

    I would use my gift card for gas and shoes for my daughter .I am a single mom taking care of my daughter the best way I know how.

  5. Valyria Cox says

    In my house $50 goes a long way. Being a struggling single mother of two, there are those times when merely $5 makes a difference. If I won the $50 I would treat my kids to something special. I rarely have the time or money to just do something fun with my boys. Yes I could pay a bill or buy tokens or a transpass for public transportation or even buy some groceries but seeing my kids happy for just a moment means so much more.

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