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Enter here your Amazing Mom Story for the chance to win a $100 Walmart gift certificate. A winner will be chosen each month.

Make sure you enter the correct email address as winners will be notified by email. Your email address will not be posted online.


  1. Lavoce Weathers says

    If i was to be picked to win i would put it towards winter clothes for my two kids since their brithdays are both next month .i will then start doing Christmas shopping for them too.

  2. Destiny Haskins says

    If I was fortunate enough to receive the $50 it would most definitely go towards some much needed items for my children like clothes.

  3. LaVonne Self says

    I would use the extra money for a tank of gas, for getting kids to school and myself to school as well. that would be about half ,I would then most probably decide if a bill needs immediate payment. If there was any left I would use it to do something small , but fun for my kids.

  4. laurent santana says

    I would be very thankfull, going to a night mare at the moment, :( car got reposses last night> i’m a single mom staying at a local hotel. cant afford anything..
    im 26yrs my son is 8. even i could buy food with those $50.

    please pray for me, even if i dont win.

    thank you

  5. Angela Cruz says

    If I would be blessed enough to get the gift card I would use it towards buying my son winter clothes ( coat, boots and snow pants) cause they said the Midwest is in for a very frigid cold and we take public transportation everywhere.

  6. Kathleen Zeller says

    I would use the money to buy my daughter ‘much needed’ pair of sneakers. And use what is left on healthy foods.

  7. rebecca nazaire says

    If I was blessed with the cash card I would definetly use it to make it to all my high risk doctors appointments. I’ve missed too many already due to lack of transportation. God bless everyone

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