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  1. Deborah says

    I am a single mother to three beautiful children ( 7 yr old & 6 yr old boys & 4 yr old girl). All four of us are domestic abuse survivors. We were, recently, finally able to escape our situation, through careful planning, bravery, and legal help (PFA to provide some level of legal protection). It has been an overwhelming and frightening process. Living in fear and having every aspect of your life & functions dictated and controlled for 10 years, and suddenly being ‘free’ has been… I don’t really know how to decribe it.. it’s obviously a ‘good thing’.. I’m greatful..but it’s also been difficult. Difficult in the sense that I was never allowed to work, go to school/college, or even get a driver’s license. Needless to say, with my ‘experience level’ and education (HS diploma), the jobs I can obtain are limited. Even with two jobs it has been a challenge. If I were to win I’d put the money together with a little I have put back, to buy winter boots, clothes, and other things. Thank you.

  2. Denay says

    I am a single mom with an 8 yr old son. I recently ran into some financial problems. I live in Raleigh NC and looking for another single mom to room with to save money. Having a problem with finding a room mate that doesn’t mind children. May be of assistance to another single mom in need. I don’t party, drink or smoke. Great rental history but need to work on credit to purchase a house in near future. Anyone looking or have any advice?

    • Eva says

      I had never thought of joining another single mom in a housing situation. It seems like a great way to share child care so that most of a paycheck wouldn’t go into day care. Although I currently reside in Vt I had planned on relcoating at some point. I’m glad I googled single mom oppurtunities because now I know there are other options than living in income based housing.

  3. christine says

    I would use the $50 toward a child bike trailer to get my son to preschool, without having to walk so much to and from the bus stops.

  4. Jamie says

    I will use it for the pumpkin patch or an orchard outing, something active and seasonal… with fresh foods and a fun atmosphere.

  5. Michael says

    If I was able to win that cash/gift card I would split it even between my 2 boys 1year name de’shawn who needs toys and 3months uriah who needs bottles diapers and etc. I had kids young with no income stuggling to provide for them !

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