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  1. valerie soto says

    I am unemployed and my 17year old son does not have any warm clothes or a jacket. N I can’t afford to even buy hem anything we only get 256.00$ a month an it go to our rent for the room we love in and it also is pretty cold we don’t have a heater.

  2. Karina rodriguez says

    Hi to All,
    Right now, this week I nearly had a nervous breakdown from stressing myself out. I cannot begin to describe how bad I felt when I started to pass my rage onto my children. Fortunately, I have to realize yet again I am not alone in these situations and can only learn from this experience. Please don’t give up on yourselves because our children depend on us.

    God Bless our paths

  3. Amber says

    Single mom of 2, my oldest (4) diagnosed with ASD and my daughter 2. In the last year we have lost our home, car and programs my son was enrolled in. We are just getting back on our feet but we live on a very low income which is disabling my ability to give my son every opportunity available to him. I’m a stay at home mom because my sons therapies and programs consume most of the day and I can not afford day care and finding a babysitter for him is almost impossible. I would be eternally great full for any help.

  4. savannah jones says

    I am single mom with three kids the kids is running out food today there no warms boots to wear.
    I hope u can help me.

  5. jennifer says

    im a single mother disabled and unable to work. Unfornately i am struggling not knowing where im going to live never mind knowing holidays are here and living on very limited low income things are also harder. So i believe in power of prayer my higher power is my and my daughters everything and i know that at this point i know that things will get better as long as i believe its hard being a single mom but at the same time its rewarding so i would definently reward my daughter a special gift with the $50.00 if i was to recieve it. But if not i know we will be blessed by god in one way or another number one gift is having the chance to be a mother and doing whatever possible to fufilling what the true meaning of being a mother really is. once again i could really use the 50.00 thank you

  6. Shereika Reese says

    Hi, my name is Shereika R. I am a single mother of two beautiful girls ages 1 and 8. I would use the 50.00 to split between my girls to buy them Christmas. It would help a lot. My girls and I are in a homeless situation right now. Last year, my kids and I were in a homeless shelter for 4 months, we put out the house with no where to go. In the month of December, we were able to get into a place of our own. We were so happy and grateful. As of October 2013, my kids and I lost our place. My job had decreased my hours, bills were over whelming, daycare was expensive. Working at a hotel, hours fluctuate. It was becoming so stressful, my hair started to become more gray as I was about to pull it out. So, I had to pack my things and put them in a storage and move in a two- bedroom apartment with my mom, sister and brother. Not so happy. I found a job here, they mistreated me, didn’t want to work me but only 2-3 days a week, how hurt I was and Christmas is coming soon. I don’t know if I will be able get my kids Christmas this year. So, that is another thing that worries me but most of all having a place to stay for my kids. My daughter wants that most importantly. It is the first thing on her Christmas list. I wish it could come true. I really really do. I would put the 50.00 to good use if I win it. Thanks Shereika

  7. callie says

    I have a son about to be 4 Saturday.. also have another baby boy due on Jan 8. We don’t have a support group and are trying to keep our heads afloat given our financial and living situation. I have nothing no diapers ..one outfit..no bottles for my baby that will be here very soon and my son kayne needs warm shoes and pants. God bless.

  8. Erika says

    I have two kids and I cannot afford to have a Christmas for them. I would use the money to buy them a few toys and some clothes that they can open for Christmas.

  9. Melissa says

    I have two amazing daughters age 11 and ni ne .Recently got out of an abusive relatio nship we have too start all over (clothes shoes) but i. Would use it twwo get. them some wsr pajamas and comforters

  10. Corina Torres says says

    I would like to spend the money buying my 2 girls a new blankets and maybe a pillow. It’s been awhile since they
    Have had a new pillow or blanket.

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