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Enter here your Amazing Mom Story for the chance to win a $100 Walmart gift certificate. A winner will be chosen each month.

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  1. Lillian Mills says

    I could and would really appreciate winning this card, times are very stressful and hard right now.I lost my home, have an 9 month old daughter and am expecting march 25th

  2. Valerie woods says

    I am really having a hard time. I work but it just isn’t enough. Anything you can do would be so appreciated. Thank you

  3. Kenya Martinez says

    Hello..My name Is Kenya(23) and I am a Single Mother with two Little girls
    (5,6).. At this time I am Homeless and had to move in to my parents house for now, I had to quit college to look for a Job and no luck yet, The father of my kids Passed away this DEC. 1, and besides all this it is devastating to see My girls on Christmas Day close there eyes and thank God for the gift of having him in our lives and asking for a job for mom so she can buy something for them to unwrap next year…a gift card would be a lot of help to just see them smile while unwrapping a gift.. Everyone deserves a good Xmas especially a child… Good Luck and May God Bless all..

  4. joanna says

    I would really appreciate a gift card to buy my 3 year old xmas presents because I have no income coming in and she is a lil girl who deserves a xmas gift its sad im a single mom and im not working so I would really appreciate a gift card to get my daughter some xmas gifts.

  5. soph says

    I need someone to help me. I have three kids (13,11,9) and ive been homeless for a year now because i dont make enough of an income to live anywhere . Im bouncing arnd from place to place can someone please help me or give me some kind of guidance in where to go to get some kind of housing or something.

  6. Amanda Todd says

    I would use it to help with Christmas. We recently lost everything and no income home or anything I’m trying to make this month and the holidays as normal as possible.

  7. Michelle says

    I would use the money or gift card to help my daughter I would give it to her If I win probably for Christmas Thanks

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