Quick and Easy Recipes and Tips

One of the most important responsibilities single moms have is to feed their families.

Well, we'll try to make it a little easier with some quick and easy tips and recipes that will save you some kitchen time and frustration in the future.

Whatever the means are, single moms try hard to feed their kids healthy meals, while teaching them how to make the right and healthy food choices. This section also brings you recipes for healthy dishes, as well as tips on how to cook healthy meals. Get the kids involved in cooking. It is fun and it helps them learn to cook.

Keep in mind that parents play a major role in the development of a child's eating habits and tastes. Food attitudes of parents are the strongest predictors of food likes and dislikes for children. Studies also show that family meals promote healthy eating habits and higher consumption of vitamins and minerals.

Rose Water Flan

Here is an easy and savory Flan recipe. Enjoy! Ingredients For caramel: 100 grams sugar and 2 tablespoons water For the cream: 400 ml of milk, 100 grams sugar, 2 whole eggs and 2 yolks, a tablespoon of vanilla, one tablespoon of rose water Preparation Heat the milk with the sugar ... Read More »

Banana Pancakes

Pancakes will definitely win some fans with this easy recipe, especially since there are only two ingredients needed: bananas and eggs. The rest is magic! This great recipe is tailored made for those who have culinary restrictions, are on diet, or simply for those who are not into complicated ... Read More »

Greek Chicken Pasta

If you are looking for a quick, easy to cook, delicious and flavorful dinner here it is: Ingredients: 2 crushed cloves of garlic 1 package (16 ounce) linguine pasta or any other pasta 1/2 cup chopped onion 1 large tomato, chopped 1 pound skinless, boneless chicken breast chopped into ... Read More »

Buttermilk Baked Chicken

The secret to any good fried chicken recipe is a buttermilk marinade. The acidity of buttermilk helps tenderize the chicken, and offers a pleasantly tangy flavor. Moist and crispy, the golden chicken is excellent right out of the oven, but it’s also delicious when it is cold. For best results, ... Read More »

Stuffed Cabbage Leaves


Ingredients: 1 lb ground pork, 1 lb ground beef, 1/2 lb smoked bacon, 2 onions, one cabbage (brined or fresh), 1 lb fresh tomatoes or tomato sauce, thyme, dill, bay leaves. Preparation Peel two onions, chop finely, and simmer in a tablespoon of oil in a covered saucepan until it becomes ... Read More »

Food to Keep You Warm Through Winter


When winter comes most of us stock up on woolens and jackets, and even cleana up the fire place in our homes. We turn the thermostat up, and everything that we can do to keep ourselves warm, we do. The one part that many of us ignore is our food. Yes, there are foods that can keep us warm and ... Read More »

Cucumber Crocodile


Ingredients: 1 carrot 1 ¼ cucumbers Toothpicks Variety of cheeses Fresh pineapple, cut into chunks, or 1 small can pineapple chunks 2 cherry tomatoes Directions: Cut a long strip from the carrot, if using, with a vegetable peeler. Cut this into a strip about ½ inch wide and cut ... Read More »