Fight Food Odors with Natural Products

LemonadeHow often have you scrubbed your hands over and over with soap in the hope of getting rid of that pungent onion smell? How often have you washed a sweater over and over in order to rid it of that fish smell that you accidentally dropped on it? And how often have you thrown away a mixer because no matter what you did, the food smells would not go away?

Yes some foods have a tendency to smell real foul and sadly getting rid of their odor is no easy task either. While there are some chemical laden cleaners that promise to get rid of these smells, they eventually end up doing more harm than good. The right way to fight these odors is to opt for natural products instead.

Some odors that can be fought with natural products are explained below:

• Food chopper/mixer – Odors like garlic and onions have a bad reputation of leaving lingering odors in the food processor long after they have left the container. This means that if you make a strawberry shake after having made some onion paste, you shake is going to reek of onions and take away all that charming strawberry smell. Thankfully, the cure is simple. Just take a large lemon and add some water in the chopper container along with the lemon and grind for a minute or so. Once the paste is thin enough leave it for about 15 minutes in the grinder. Wash with regular water and your mixer will be odor free.

• Refrigerator – This is another electronic that tends to fill up with food odors real quick and the fact that we store so much food in here is no help either. A smelly fridge ruins the foods stored in it and you may end up with a roast that reeks of broccoli and apple custard that smells like garlic paste. The cure here is simple too. A large cup of vinegar swiped all over the fridge while cleaning it will ensure that the pungent odors are absorbed. Keeping a fresh box of baking soda in the door of the fridge will also help to absorb all the strong odors and keep the fridge smelling nice and fresh. Activated charcoal is another natural substance that keeps foul odors at bay and works wonderfully in the fridge.

• Microwave – Again a place where food stains and odors tend to settle down real quick. The problem with the food odors here is that despite cleaning the microwave, the smell will linger on. These smells go into the vents of the microwave and this makes it all the more difficult to remove them. The trick here is to use natural substances that absorb the smell. Placing a bowl of coffee beans will help to cover up the foul smell to a large extend. Baking soda water also helps and you can simply leave the solution in the microwave for an hour for thorough results.

Chemicals are not needed in order to fight food odors. This job can be done with great ease using natural substances. So the next time you are fighting food odors, stay away from the chemicals and opt for the natural stuff instead.

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